Photoshop fail? Fans accuse Kelly Brooks of editing this photo after noticing something odd in the background

Kelly Brooks

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Kelly Brooks has shared a photo of herself on Instagram but some of her followers couldn't help but notice something unusual in her picture

Model Kelly Brooks has been accused of photoshopping a photo she posted on Instagram, after her followers noticed the background of her picture appears distorted.

Sharing the gorgeous photo on social media, she wrote: "Holiday Vibes #Provence #France #RoadTrip #HotelGalicci 🚗💨🌻❤️🍞🧀🍷 @jeremyparisi"

In the picture, Kelly is posing in a stunning bodysuit however fans noticed the decking next to her hand looks bent and the wall behind her shoulder appears to have been edited.

Kelly Brooks
Some of Kelly's followers noticed the decking and the wall in the background looked edited (Credit: Instagram / iamkb) ©Instagram / iamkb

One person wrote underneath the photo: "Photoshopped! Just look at the decking! You don't need to do that!! You have a great body!"

Another person said: "Photoshop fail around your waist and we wonder why young girls have such a complex about their bodies these days rather than embracing what nature gave them. Such a shame."

Kelly Brooks
©Instagram / iamkb

Someone else commented: "The decking, the doors and the side of the pool. At least do a good job if you're gunna try #fake it"

A fourth follower added: "Disappointing to see you photoshop your photos, unfollow"

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"Think it's a real shame photoshopping your holiday snaps when it's not even a photo shoot where it's at least expected. What kind of message does this give to impressionable young girls? You don't look like this in real life, and that's okay, I'm sure you're still beautiful. But c'mon, you take on the job of being a role model when you take a job in the public eye. Stop trying to twist reality #getreal," another fumed.

One more added: "Were you drunk when you edited this? 🤔 Come on at least make it convincing😬😂."

Kelly hasn't responded to any of the accusations yet, however a few of her fans rushed to her defence. One person commented: "Who cares if she photoshopped her photo!? Utterly ridiculous that people care... Kelly you look fabulous Photoshopped or not!"

Kelly Brooks
Fans rushed to the gorgeous models defence (Credit: Instagram / iamkb) ©Instagram / iamkb

Someone else said: "Why is everyone so bothered by it? You all use filters to change skin tone etc why not edit her own photos if she's a model who's photos have been edited all of her career anyway"

A third person added: "People unfollowing because of a little photoshop?! Bet all your mates do it honeys, get over it!!! 🙄🙄 #Jealousy"

Kelly isn't the only celebrity who has been accused of editing her photos, Katie Price was accused of photoshopping her holiday photo, Kris Jenner was slammed of majorly editing her gym selfie and then Lauren Goodger posted a video to prove she doesn't edit her pictures.


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