Katie Price has been accused of photoshopping her latest holiday picture

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Fans have noticed something weird about Katie Price's latest photo

People have accused Katie Price of photoshopping her latest photo after noticing something odd in the picture.

Katie wouldn't be the first celebrity accused of photoshopping an image on social media. TOWIE's Lauren Goodger is regularly accused of editing her photos, it appeared that This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby edited her photo on Instagram and another TOWIE star who is regularly questioned on her figure is Kate Wright. Although the reality star hit back at the claims and proved she hadn't edited her waist in a Snapchat video.

And now mum-of-five to Harvey, 14, Junior, 11, Princess, nine, Jett, three and Bunny, two, who is currently enjoying a lovely holiday in the Maldives with her family has been accused her of editing a photo. Katie posted an adorable photo of herself and her youngest daughter Bunny however lots of people accused Mrs Pricey of photoshopping her legs to make them appear longer.

Katie Price
Fans questioned whether Katie had edited her legs to look longer (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

One person wrote: "Her leg looks suspiciously stretched to me as well"

Another said: "Wow! what an out of proportion picture! why do people still 'pander to this lady when she's obviously so ill...she must be suffering (and have done for years!) some body dysmorphia"

Someone else commented: "You look amazing and especially after 5 kids. Why Photoshop it, your legs look about 6 feet tall"

A fourth person added: "Beautiful pic, makes me sad if you felt the need to manipulate this photo, and in all honesty, it looks like you have"

Katie Price
Katie and her family are enjoying a sunny holiday in the Maldives (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

Another pointed out: "You have the longest calf muscles known to mankind Katie #BadPhotoshop"

Although others praised the former glamour model for her incredible body. One person said: "She looks unreal"

Someone else added: "U got lovely long legs girl ..."

Another wrote: "Wowwww!! What a milf"

That's not the only photo that has caused a bit of a stir. Katie recently posted a photo of Princess posing in a bikini on the beach but many of her followers took to the social media site to slam the Loose Women panellist.

Katie Price
The former glamour model posted this photo of Princess posing on the beach (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

One person argued: "Don't think I'd let my little girl pose like this in a bikini.. .no way! She's a beautiful child and I admire Katie as a mum but not a chance would I post this."

Someone else added: "Outrageous! Let her be a little girl fgs"

Another said: "Wrong ... love Katie but disagree with this"

One other person added: "Too young for that pose"

Katie Price
Katie and her family celebrated Mother's Day abroad (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

Although plenty of Katie's friends defended the TV star and didn't see anything wrong with the photo. Someone pointed out: "No one would say a word if this was Junior in his swimwear! It's what little girls do! Don't try to turn an innocent photo into something it's not!"

Another said: "Wow people are really gonna get upset over a little girl wearing a bikini and her pose ffs I've seen many girls wear them things on holiday and pose."

One more person said: "Model in the making. Look at the way she poses?? She's the image of you Katie."

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