Katie Price’s video of son Harvey dancing has SPLIT THE NATION

Someone call Judge Rinder

Katie Price and Harvey

by A Jakes |
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Another day, another Katie Price controversy. Everything from Katie endorsing real fur products, to how she organises her fridge - it turns out, there is nothing Instagram folk won't get mad about.

Cue next post.

Katie Price uploaded a video of 14-year-old son Harvey dancing without a top on and some people have got rather shirty about it...

In the video, Harvey is bopping along to the Crazy Frog song (which brings back the memories!) and he looks really happy. Katie asks 'Are you dancing Harvey?' to which he responds, 'yes mum!'

Harvey suffers from septo-optic dysplasia causing blindness as well as Prader–Willi syndrome which symptoms include weight gain.

However, this video has received backlash with some saying that it's embarrassing and 'asking for trolls.'

One user wrote: 'If you don't want him to be bullied don't publicise stuff like this it's embarrassing.'

Another wrote: 'As much as I back your campaign against the trolls @officialkatieprice, I think posting things like this is just making him a target and setting him up for negativity'

However, lots stuck up for Katie including one user whonwrote, 'who is it embarrassing for? I think you finding this video embarrassing is a reflection of your own insecurities..... I see a happy dancing teenager having a wonderful time.'

Another wrote: 'Go on Harvey bless him dancing makes my day seeing him happy and all children with disabilities makes my day when they smile and laugh.'

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