Katie Price warned: ‘You’re risking your life’

After she undergoes her 17th boob job, Katie Price’s family and friends are said to be terrified

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She’s no stranger to the operating table, having had a long list of surgeries over the years. And last week, Katie Price revealed she was undergoing yet another procedure as she jetted off to Belgium to have her 17th boob job – prompting warnings that she could be putting her life at risk.

Taking to Instagram, Katie shared a photo from her bed at BeClinic in Brussels with the caption, “[BeClinic Brussels] been coming here for years and is definitely the best boob surgeon I recommend to anyone.” The 46-year-old, who is having the op to make her chest smaller, then posted a selfie as she told her followers that she was “first on the list”. Another snap also showed her Married At First Sight boyfriend JJ Slater, 31, kissing her on the head as she wrote alongside, “[JJ] by my side and so chill”.

And now, sources have revealed that despite those close to her fearing for her health, the former glamour model, who is mum to Harvey, 22, Junior, 19, Princess, 17, Jett, 10, and Bunny, nine, may never stop going under the knife.

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“Katie’s family and friends are concerned that she’s risking her life every time she goes under the knife – and she knows it, but still goes under,” our insider says. “She ignores all the medical advice. She’s been warned over and over of the serious dangers. Katie was categorically told that every operation takes her into a higher risk category of something going wrong. She even has to sign a waiver in the case of injury from surgery or – worse – death.

“Princess is really worried, she says no one can change her mum’s mind and that she won’t ever stop. Katie doesn’t care that they are all against it. She’s a mum and they’re worried she could die. Katie’s mum Amy is besides herself and can’t believe how dangerous this is, especially as a mother risking her own life.”

In December 2022, Katie, who has previously had surgeries including a nose job, a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction, underwent a boob job in a bid to get the “biggest boobs in Britain” with 2120 CC implants. However, earlier this year the star admitted she wanted to “go smaller” after trolls mocked her for looking “butch”.

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Speaking on her podcast, The Katie Price Show, she revealed, “I am going to go smaller and getting healthy back to how I used to. I used to love being smaller, fitter... I’m eating healthy, I won’t put anything bad in my body, no bad food, I won’t even have a glass of prosecco.”

She added, “I’ve decided I’m going to have my boobs made smaller because they do make me look bigger, and I have messaged the surgeon already, and to be honest I’ve been going to the gym and, yeah, I’ve decided.”

Alex Karidis, a cosmetic surgeon and the medical director of the Karidis clinic, has warned that Katie – who previously admitted that she could have died from sepsis after a botched boob job in 2015 left her with an implant “hanging out of” a wound – is “playing with her health”. He tells Closer, “There are risks and dangers with all surgeries. These are medical procedures and shouldn’t be taken lightly like Katie is doing – you can die.

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“The more you have, there’s always more of a risk because the tissues you’re dealing with have been operated on before, so they’ve been weakened. Encapsulation can also happen, which is where you get scar tissue developing around the implant, which can make it feel very hard and unnatural. Katie keeps exposing herself to unnecessary risks.”

He adds that a surgeon should “absolutely assess the psyche of someone” before going ahead with a procedure. “Katie goes to Belgium because no one wants to do it over here. Surgery has its risks and it’s always possible a complication could happen, so you need to have back-up facilities if something does go wrong. What is she going to do if that happens? She’ll have to go to the NHS because her surgeon won’t be around. These are things that people don’t take into consideration.

“Another problem with going abroad is that you increase your risk of blood clots by flying. And there’s also the risk of infections, too.”

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However, it seems that expert advice could fall on deaf ears. Our insider continues, “Katie totally disregards what the experts say – surgeons in the UK won’t touch her. Katie’s surgeon made her wait six months this time before going under the knife again, even he has concerns and can identify there are some issues with wanting to change her body at every whim.

“JJ is her only support. He’s happy if she is and supports her new look. But family and friends are talking about staging an intervention to stop her once and for all.”

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