Peter Andre ‘fuming’ as Katie Price drags his name through the mud once again

Peter blasts Katie: 'You have to have move on!'

Katie Price and Peter Andre

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They were one of showbiz’s best-loved couples before their bitter split. And, 15 years on, emotions are still running high as Peter Andre has told pals he’s fed up with Katie Price blasting him in public and is begging her to stop for the sake of their kids.

Katie often speaks candidly about the ups and downs of her relationships and recently has been talking about a number of her exes in interviews.

Just last week Katie, 46 – who is training to become a life coach, mentored by self-proclaimed “Psychopath Life Coach” Lewis Raymond Taylor – reflected on her past romances. She said, “I just call all my exes Mr. Prices. They all gang up together and they all attack me. Really, I should be flattered because they’re that obsessed with me.”

Lewis Raymond Taylor and Katie Price
Katie is being mentored by life coach Lewis Raymond Taylor ©Joe Maher/Getty Images

Katie also touched on her previous marriage to Mysterious Girl singer Pete, 51, who she married in 2006, before their fiery split three years later. Revealing that she has opened up to the duo’s children, Junior, 19, and Princess, 16, Katie said, “They know the truth. They know their dad is never written about in a bad way. They know I’m always written about in a bad way. Their dad’s always the good, I’m always bad, but they know the truth about everything.”

When asked her thoughts on what Pete’s inner circle think, the former glamour model added, “I don’t think they really care what happens to me, if I’m honest. They’d love to see me fall, but I’m not. I’m on the rise.”

Now a source tells Closer that Katie’s comments have left Pete, who’s married to doctor Emily MacDonagh, 34, seriously unimpressed.

Peter Andre
Peter's not impressed with Katie's comments ©Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

The source says, “Peter is fed up with Katie’s inability to let anything go and her constantly bringing him up, especially as it’s always in a negative light. The vendetta is tired, and the narrative is the same. Peter wants Katie to seek the correct help in assisting her to move on, not forever living in the past and dragging everyone back there with her. He’s let it be known that he just wants her to get over him and move on.”

Peter, who split from Katie in 2009, tied the knot with Emily back in 2015, and the couple are now proud parents to Amelia, 10, Theo, seven, and Arabella, two months. Meanwhile, Katie is currently dating Married At First Sight star JJ Slater, 32.

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But it’s not only Peter who is feeling concerned. “Pete’s friends and Emily have had enough too,” reveals the source. “If Katie has an issue with something, then Pete wants her to get in touch privately. She casts a negative shadow over everything, and it’s mentally draining.”

While Pete is hoping his ex-wife – who was recently declared bankrupt for a second time – leaves the past behind them, we’re told a truce isn’t likely.

“Unless she gets the correct help, he feels there’s no intention of her ever getting over him. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know it’s not healthy or good for the kids, Emily, or even Katie to be trapped in the past. The obsessive behaviour comes across like Katie wants them to fight back.”

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