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Another day, another shocking headline about Katie Price's exploits

As she faces the threat of bankruptcy once again, Jordan is going to extreme measures to get her finances back on track. She narrowly avoided going bankrupt last year, but the nightmare for Jordan (real name Kate Price) is anything but over. She now reportedly faces losing her £2million Sussex home as she’s due in court in four weeks over her £12,000-a-month debt repayments.

In a desperate bid to boost her finances, insiders say the cash-strapped star – who is determined to regain her pin-up status – is plotting to release a sex tape and, afterdumping her fiancé, Kris Boyson, she’s roping in new toyboy Charles Drury, 22, to star in it with her.

Katie price

A source reveals, “Katie is obsessed with Charles and thinks he’s so handsome and sexy. Being with him makes her feel young and she’s so proud she can still pull a hunk like him. Friends and family have expressed concern, saying they fear he’s after fame and money.

"She won’t listen to reason and loves how he makes her feel. She always says sex sells, and thinks the best way for her to make money quickly would be for the pair to release a sex tape and sell it to the highest bidder – she’s joked it’s sex for sale on tape. She also thinks it’d be a great way for Charles to make some cash and to prove to their critics just how sexual their romance really is.

"Katie is obsessed with being considered sexy and young, and pals know she’ll go to any extreme to be seen that way.”

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Katie Price WTF moments

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When she took 17-year-old Gareth Gate's virginity

Katie was pregnant with Harvey at the time, and Gareth was on Pop Idol. Katie said of the 'three-second' event: "[He was] shaking so much his trousers practically fell off his legs."

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Her VERY unique way of telling the world Peter Andre was her bae

Forget name necklaces or even having your O/H's name tattooed across your heart - Katie proved Peter was her bae by flashing her pants. Obvs.

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The fact she's yet to change her will since Peter Andre marriage

"If I died now Pete would get everything and Junior, Princess and Harvey, So let's just hope nothing happens." Very wise Katie, very wise.

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... and then ruined his career

Soon after the shocking news of their rendezvous hit the headlines, Gareth took a break from showbiz. A break that is still going, it would appear. Never mess with the Pricey, eh?

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When she went out dressed up like cross-dressing ex husband Alex Reid

In her autobiography Katie tore into Alex's 'weird and kinky' fetishes, saying: ''Think of the most disturbing s**t you could imagine, and times that by ten. Only then are you getting close to what I witnessed and what Alex wanted me to join in with."

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The fact she is considered a best-selling author, despite not writing a single line

All of her books (30+ of the bloody things!) were written by ghostwriter Rebecca Farnworth, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2014.

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That time she tweeted that Jane Pountney will 'open her legs to your husbands.'

After news emerged in 2014, that Jane Pountney had slept with her husband Kieran Hayler, Katie went on a MASSIVE Twitter rant. In one post she wrote: "I hope anyone who still wants to be friends with jane w_**_ pountney now realises she is not loyal who will open her legs 2 ur husbands".

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When she told Loose Women fans she's a proud owner of a diamond-encrusted but plug

Katie was marched out of the studio when she also told viewers her favourite lubrication is 'spit'. This caused the hashtag 'spit' to trend on Twitter. Lovely.

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That time she got naked at a work Christmas party and called everyone a 'f***ing little sh*t'

Katie was paid over £15k to appear at a Christmas do, but got a bit too drunk and started effing and blinding at the poor guests. She also stripped off naked in the loos and declared her undying love for Dane Bowers. Christmas parties bring out the worst in us, right?

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The time she TORE into arch-enemy Jodie Marsh

KP took to Twitter to hit back at Jodie, writing: "Don't knock mothers like me, there's lots of us. Didn't you go out with my exes names written all over your body, marking them out of ten after you shagged them (classy)? Well, you've shagged nearly all my leftovers and not one of them wanted you (gutted)."

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When she repeated the N word on telly

During an appearance on This Morning, the former model was slammed by fans for using the N word when discussing the abuse her son Harvey faced from trolls.

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When she wanted to represent Great Britain in Eurovision

How can we possibly forget Katie Price's infamous Eurovision bid where she performed in a crystal sequinned pink catsuit?

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The revelation that she wanted to name her daughter Disney

Katie explained how she decided on Bunny's name in her tell-all book Reborn, saying: "At one point I wanted to name her 'Disney', but I didn't really want her growing up thinking she'd been named after a theme park!"Katie also burst out of a giant egg at the book launch. Naturally.

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That time her #TBT was a sexy snap of her baby bump during labour!

There's no denying that KP knows how to make headlines! Who even thinks to take a raunchy labour pic? We have to admit, she does look incredible though!

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She had a wild night out with Arg from Towie

Katie let her hair down on a midweek night out with Towie royalty James Argent in Sheesh restaurant and gave the lucky man a lap dance.

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That time she suggested Kelly Brook lacked skills in the bedroom

When Katie and Kelly were dating the same guy - rugby player Danny Cipriani - things turned nasty. Katie tweeted: "I'm sure Kelly wouldn't be laughing if I said the things Danny said to me about her in the bedroom when I was with him haha."

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When she tweeted a cryptic message on Joe Hart's wedding day

On the day footballer Joe Hart married Kimberly Crew in 2015, Pricey tweeted: "All Harts go out to the married couple is he going to tell her the truth about us?" She quickly deleted the tweet... but by then it was too late.

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That time she dressed up as a unicorn

KP stole the show dressed as a human unicorn, complete with pink horse and Kieran Hayler in matching attire for the launch of Katy Price's Pony Club in 2016.

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That time she threatened to expose '52 screenshots' of flirty texts with Chris Hughes

In one of the most bizarre celeb fueds in recent reality TV history, Katie Price and Chris Hughes had an epic bust up last year culminating in KP threatening to expose screenshots of flirty texts.It all started with some harmless flirting, but then Katie denied Chris' claims she had sent him some saucy messages. He then named and shamed her on Twitter and posted messages she had sent him on Instagram and WhatsApp.Just when we thought all the drama was over the mum-of-five warned the reality star at her show An Audience With, she said: "Some celebrities should be careful with what they say and not out people."It will come back and bite them on the bum. Do you know what I mean?"

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When she revealed how to join the mile high club

Katie opened up about getting frisky a 30,000 feet up in the air during an interview with The Sun's Fabulous magazine.Speaking about having sex on an aeroplane with new boyfriend Kris Boyson, she said: "Yes! [But] not in the toilet that's so obvious."You just do it other ways don't you? Put the blanket over you, little...yeah."

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Katie Price

Insiders previously claimed that mum-of-five Jordan, 41, was keen to make a sex tape with ex Kris Boyson after they posed for X-rated images together in Thailand – hoping the shock footage would sell for a six-figure sum.

She previously made a sex tape with ex Dane Bowers when she was six months pregnant and revealed in 2017, “Maybe I’d better do a new one.” But pals say her inner circle are desperately trying to stop her.

The source adds, “Everyone thinks a sex tape is the worst thing she could do. Her kids are old enough to be teased about it in the playground. When she gets an idea in her head, she runs with it and worries about the repercussions later. Friends have warned her against a sex tape and said it would taint her image, but right now she’s obsessed with being sexy and keeps saying how much sex sells.”

It’s been one drama after another for the star, who jetted to Turkey this summer for multiple surgeries, including a fourth facelift. Last month she was forced to return amid fears that her wounds weren’t healing, and during her trip she shocked onlookers in a club when she encouraged them to have unprotected sex.

Jordan has spoken in the past about using alcohol to calm her anxiety and nerves,but she showed no signs of slowing down last week as she was pictured grabbing a woman’s head after being kicked out of a nightclub in Brighton – with onlookers claiming she was slurring her words and staggering from room to room. And pals reveal her loved ones are extremely concerned.

The source says, “Friends and family are now worried every time she heads out, because it seems like she can’t control her behaviour. They’ve warned her against drinking and said she’s at her worst when she’s drunk. The next morning she cringes at her behaviour and tries to laugh it off, but her loved ones say it’s becoming too frequent. They want her to quit partying and boozing and act her age. But now she has a toyboy, it’s like she feels she has to ramp up the wild partying to keep him interested.”

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Jordan’s life has appeared to be on a downward spiral since her marriage split from Kieran Hayler – who is the father of her children Jett, six, and Bunny, five – in May last year.

After the break-up, she indulged in a series of wild nights out, admitting to coke binges, and checked into rehab last September suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Her older children Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, went to live full-time with her first husband, Peter Andre, and her eldest son, Harvey, 17, who suffers with Prader-Willi syndrome, was placed in residential care after Jordan admitted struggling to cope with the disabled teen.

Despite her rehab stint, Jordan has continued to raise eyebrows with her wild antics and has most recently shocked with her constant bouts of surgery, including corrective work to her bottom and a boob job – which she was said to have pulled the stitches out of during wild sex sessions with Charles.

The source adds, “Katie’s friends and family have been trying to get her to calm down for months now, but she seems to have no off switch. There’s almost no predicting what she’ll do or say next. They’ve tried to warn her that her behaviour will have a big impact on her children, but she won’t listen to reason."

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