Katie Price fans fighting over divisive new photo of two-year-old Bunny


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Katie Price fans have been sent into a spin over her newest photo of two-year-old Bunny

If there's one celebrity that people LOVE to have an opinion on, it's Katie Price.

Whether she's singing live on Loose Women to relaunch her musical career.

Or if they're jealous of her MASSIVE... garden (watch it!).

But recently the mum-of-five came under fire from her fans when she posted a photo of her two youngest kiddies, Jett and Bunny, drinking juice out of bottles.

Fans were concerned after this photo showed Jett and Bunny drinking juice (Credit: Instagram/ Katie Price) ©Instagram/ Katie Price

And after posting another photo of two-year-old Bunny all covered in muck and clutching a little juice bottle, fans are split over whether it's irresponsible - or whether people should just chill out.

She uploaded the pic with the caption: "My Bunny loves getting dirty outside."

Cute little Bunny was pictured looking a bit grubby after playing in the garden (Credit: Instagram/ Katie Price) ©Instagram/ Katie Price

One load of commenters wrote things about how the sugar in juice could cause tooth decay: "Juice from a bottle is the highest cause of childhood decay" and "Drinking juice/milk from a bottle/beaker throughout the night can be one cause of tooth decay."

Another added: "Actually letting your child drink juice from a bottle or sippy cup is seen a big slice of tooth decay. A straw cup or normal cup are the best options for not letting juice pool in the mouth."

One person started sounding a bit threatening: "If anyone could see what happened to my friend's child's teeth because of drinking juice through a bottle I swear people would think it was a big deal."

Whilst another went down a different route and started going on about braces: "Take the bottle away, she has an open bite caused by that. It could save her from having orthodontics."

Jett and Bunny are Katie's children with hubby Kieran Hayler (Credit: Instagram/ Katie Price) ©Instagram/ Katie Price

But many other people hit back at the haters on Katie's behalf, saying that they should mind their own business and leave Bunny be.

The post was flooded with comments by mums saying that their children still drink out of bottles at four-years-old and that there's nothing wrong with it.

One person wrote: "If Katie Price wants her daughter or son to drink out of a bottle...just let her get on with it. Well done Katie for raising five beautiful children!"

Another sarcastically added: "What a happy beautiful little girl, oh wait my goodness is that.. No... Juice in a bottle?! Can someone please inform the dental police?"

Katie's fans defended her as a fab mum (Credit: Instagram/ Katie Price) ©Instagram/ Katie Price

A lot of people hadn't even noticed the cup, instead commenting on Bunny's cuteness and adorable grin: "Bunny is so cute!", "Aw how cute nice to see kids being kids," "A messy baby is a happy baby" and "Love it!! There is a child who knows how to have fun."

What do YOU think? Should people leave Katie alone? Should Katie be more careful with her children's teeth? We want to hear YOUR thoughts! Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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