Bankrupt Katie Price begs Danielle Lloyd: ‘Help me make millions doing porn’

After blowing her £45m fortune, newly bankrupt Jordan begs pal Danielle Lloyd to help her make back her money on a ‘porn’ ap

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After squandering her £45 million fortune and racking up huge debts, Jordan’s year from hell took another turn for the worse when she was declared bankrupt last week.

But pals say the former glamour model – real name Katie Price – has already hatched a plan to earn back all of her money with the help of her pal and fellow former pin-up Danielle Lloyd.

Mum-of-four Danielle, 35 – who recently set up a pay-for-view account on X-rated global website OnlyFans, in which she charges subscribers £115 for topless shots and £12 to enter a raffle to watch her in a “sexy shoot” – last week confirmed that Jordan, 41, had called for advice on launching her own page.

Katie Price glamour
Katie Price glamour ©Getty

She said, “Katie reached out to me and I spoke to her about the OnlyFans site. I told her she should do it too. Why not? It’s nice that people can compliment you when they see your pictures on there. It gives you a boost and it gives you more confidence.”

And despite insiders recently telling Closer how Danielle’s latest career move had left a green-eyed Jordan fuming as she accused her friend of trying to steal her sex symbol crown, Danielle insisted, “I don’t think Katie is jealous at all. I told her to go for it!”

But behind the scenes, pals say Jordan – whose life spiralled out of control with drug and alcohol binges after the breakdown of her marriage to third husband Kieran Hayler, 32, last year – plans to get all of Danielle’s insider tips to make the most money she possibly can before stealing back her crown.

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Katie Price glamour
Katie Price glamour ©Getty

A source tells Closer, “Katie realised that she needs to play nice with Danielle to extract all the information she needs so she can eclipse her. She’s on a mission to become the biggest star on the app and make her millions back. She knows how much success Danielle’s been having. As much as it pained her to ask for help, she knew that Danielle’s expertise and advice would help boost her money-making ability. She’s no fool when it comes to making money.”

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From Kavana to Victoria Beckham: Katie Priceu2019s showbiz feuds - Closer (stacked)

Katie Price Victoria Beckham1 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images

Katie Price VS Victoria Beckham

This is one of our favourites. Picture the scene: Victoria Beckham (then Queen WAG, not top fashion designer), at Manchester United, surrounded by a group of Gucci-clad wives and girlfriends – singing Who Let The Dogs Out as Katie Price walked through the lounge.Speaking on her Fubar radio show in 2014, Katie explained: "All it is is that years ago she sang the song in the Manchester United lounge and there's where it started from. "And in a nightclub David held my hand behind her back, it was in my book. It was years ago."

Katie Price Kerry Katona2 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images

Katie Price VS Kerry Katona

After meeting in the I'm a Celebrity jungle in 2004, Katie and Kerry quickly became besties – and Kezza was even bridesmaid at Katie's wedding to Peter Andre.But they fell out in 2007, when Katie publicly disapproved of Kerry's relationship with Mark Croft, labelling her 'a druggie' and him a 'bully'.They made up in 2014, and Kerry asked Katie to be a bridesmaid at her wedding to George Kay.

Katie Price Kelly Brook3 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images

Katie Price VS Kelly Brook

Katie briefly dated Kelly's ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani, but ended things when she caught him in bed with another woman.But model Kelly was NOT impressed when Katie sold the story in 2013. She tweeted: "@MissKatiePrice Your [sic] doing a kiss&tell on Danny?? Haha that's hilarious. You dated for 5mins and was one of many at the time. Desperate."They've never resolved things, and fell out again in 2014 when Katie branded Kelly a 'heifer'.

Katie Price VS Katie Hopkins4 of 10
CREDIT: Channel 5

Katie Price VS Katie Hopkins

Before coming face-to-face in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2015, motormouth Hopkins angered the Pricey by slamming her youngest daughter's name.Referencing Pricey's husband Kieran's affairs, she tweeted: "BUNNY? Makes sense, given your dad was going at it like a rabbit will all of mum's mates."They did not resolve things in the house, and shortly after winning the show Pricey said: "She's a disgusting human being. She really is."

Katie Price Peaches Geldof5 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images

Katie Price VS Peaches Geldof

In November 2012, Katie commented negatively on a photo of the late Peaches Geldof's son Astala, then six-months, playing with their dog Parper.Writing in her column for The Sun, Katie said: "An animal is an animal and that means she they can turn on you at any point. All new mums should also remember that dogs can easily get jealous of new babies."But Peaches hit back. She tweeted: "Funny that Katie Price aka 'Jordan' lol thinks that I shouldn't allow my gentle, sweet golden retriever dog near his best friend, my son. Could say the same thing to her about letting some of the multitude of 'boyfriends' she has near her kids [sic]."

Katie Price VS Havana6 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images

Katie Price VS Kavana

Poor Katie. She went into the Celebrity Big Brother house to make friends – and it looked like she did. She and 90s pop star Kavana teamed up for his new music video following their exit, but he later made the mistake of talking about her in an interview.Discussing the budding pop star, Kav told The Sun: "We've decided to to a duet. I mean, God bless her, she can't really sing, can she? But I've said to her that I'll get her in the studio and make it sound good."Unsurprisingly, Katie was NOT impressed with his catty comments. She said: "I did a favour for @kavana_official by appearing in his music video as a favour when he asked but NEVER discussed going a duet with his and this is something that will NEVER happen as infact I'm in the studio recording my own tracks solo [sic]."

Katie Price Kimberley Crew7 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images

Katie Price VS Kimberley Crew

When Katie sent a cryptic tweet on Joe Hart and Kimberly Crew's wedding day in July, it was assumed she was suggesting she and Joe had history.Katie teased: "All Harts go out to the married couple is he going to tell her the truth about us? [sic]."Joe and Kimberly have never publicly commented on the rumours, but a source told The Sun at the time: "Kim couldn't care less. She thinks Katie is a clueless bimbo. "She has no concerns about Joe's loyalty and told friends, 'In her dreams! She probably wishes she could get her hands on him!'"

Katie Price Alicia Douvall8 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images

Katie Price VS Alicia Douvall

Katie came up against another former frenemy in the CBB house in 2015: Alicia Douvall. Although the two former glamour girls appeared to make up during their time on the show, Alicia hit out after being the first evicted.She told Star magazine: "[Katie] was looking at my body and making comments. There was a twitch of jealousy. Katie is a very clever girl and it was a strategic move to save Katie H [from nomination]."It was revealed in the house that Katie and Alicia both dated Dwight Yorke, the father of Katie's eldest son Harvey.But Alicia added: "It wasn't only Dwight. There are other exes we've shared. We were direct rivals when we were both modelling. She once tried to beat me up in a night club when she was pregnant!"

Katie Price Jodie Marsh9 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images

Katie Price VS Jodie Marsh

Probably Katie's most infamous feud – she and Jodie Marsh have never hidden their feelings about each other.When Jodie first emerged on the glamour modelling scene Katie accused her of 'copying her'.In 2015, over a decade after their feud originally erupted, Jodie angered Katie again by insisting she's 'the one who's famous for having loads of kids with different dads'.Katie took to Twitter to hit back, writing: "Don't knock mothers like me, there's lots of us. Didn't you go out with my exes names written all over your body, marking them out of ten after you shagged them (classy)? Well, you've shagged nearly all my leftovers and not one of them wanted you (gutted)."

Katie Price Chris Hughes10 of 10
CREDIT: Getty Images & ITV

Katie Price VS Chris Hughes

We will NEVER forget Katie Price and Love Island star Chris Hughes' 2017 drama. It all began after Katie denied sending Chris any flirty messages after he said he was ignoring her.Things took a turn for the worse when Chris posted text messages she had sent him but it wasn't long before she hinted she has over 50 screenshots of private messages he sent her.Just when we thought things couldn't get any more juicy, The Sun then verified that Chris HAD sent the mum-of-five private messages (even though he originally denied ever doing so). Pricey then went one step further and flashed one of those secret messages.Eek!

Danielle Lloyd, Katie Price
Danielle Lloyd, Katie Price ©Instagram

Jordan – who confirmed she’d split from Kris Boyson, 31, last week,despite them being pictured together the following day before he appeared in court to face charges of threatening to break a police officer’s jaw; charges he denies – has blown her incredible fortune on a lavish lifestyle in recent years. On top of enormous pay-outs to exes following court battles, it’s been reported that she’s splurged at least £25,000 per year on surgery, £120,000 on nannies to her five children, and extravagant gifts – including paying off Kieran’s £50,000 credit card debts and lavishing him with a £77,000 Audi.

Danielle Lloyd

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The mum of five – who famously posed for Playboy in her heyday and even made a sex tape with her ex Dane Bowers in 1999 – was recently forced to flog her old breast implants and used knickers in a bid to pay off a £1,295 driving fine.

Closer mag
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And now she vows to make her money back the only way she knows how. The source explains, “She needs to make money fast, and the one thing she’s always been able to rely on is her body – but after years of doing the tabloids and lads’ mags, these apps are new to her and she needs help learning to navigate them.

"Katie worried that Danielle would see straight through her and figure she had an ulterior motive. So she played on the heartstrings about her financial situation and begged Danielle to help her make some money and even millions doing porn shots on OnlyFans. She reminded her how she’d been like a big sister to her in the early days of Dani’s career and told her she owed her one.”

In the wake of her bankruptcy, Jordan has been seeking financial advice from friend Matt Haycox – who owned a chain of lap-dancing clubs called Wildcats, but went bankrupt in 2008. Speaking on a YouTube video last week, Jordan told Matt she was ready to “start her empire” again, including a underwear range, and that she “hasn’t finished [with] glamour modelling."

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