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This subtle change to Katie’s hair is perfect

Katie Piper

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Katie Piper, as many readers will know, has been an inspiration for many across the world after she was victim to a horrific acid attack, organised by her then-boyfriend in 2008.

Documenting her life to inspire others that are going through the same situation as her, this has unfortunately led to some making cruel comments about Katie’s appearance.

However, Katie has bravely spoken out in the past against the vile trolls and just recently shared an empowering message, alongside an Instagram photo that said: “I’m not beautiful like her. I’m beautiful like me”.

Speaking to BT, Katie yesterday revealed that being beautiful isn’t just “confined to those who are tall and slim”.

She explained: "Everyone's beautiful for different reasons and each of us have attractive qualities inside, maybe being a good friend, work colleague, partner, a whole host of things which makes us special.

"Of course, the unpleasant online comments I get sometimes are insulting, but worse has happened to me, although it's certainly not very nice to be called a 'monster' or a 'freak' when you go online.

"I believe they say more about the person making them than about the people receiving them. People act online in a way they'd never do in real life."

And just last night, Katie shared her new hair makeover, which fans absolutely loved.

Captioning the post, “New spring hair colour for me by @itsdash”, Katie showed off her new light brown colour, with blonde ends.

One fan wrote: “Lovely on you”

“Such a healthy looking hair in [love] [sic],” one said.

While another added: “Looks beautiful Katie … xxx”

The inspirational model has been known for her lighter tresses, but Katie has decided to try a more brunette hue – and we absolutely love it!

Speaking to The Sun Online, Katie also revealed the she only washes her hair once a week.

She admitted: "I only wash my hair once a week cause I don't get any time!”

And explaining how she juggles work and being a mother – whilst still managing to look amazing – Katie explained that she plans her look in advance.

"It's hard and it's tempting to throw stuff on each day but I'm always really organised and if I know I've got an event coming up I plan what I'm going to wear in advance - I think forward planning is the key,” she said.

"I wear my best every day because I want every day of my life to be a really good day - that’s kind of a rule that I live by."

We think it’s a great rule, don’t you?

From the nightmare to the beautiful ever after she truly deserves, here’s a look back over Katie Piper's life in pictures:


From acid attack victim to inspiring survivor: Katie Piperu2019s life in pictures

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