Katie Piper pens powerful message to online trolls: ‘I’m not beautiful like her’

Katie Piper has penned an inspirational message to cruel trolls on Instagram - and it's a must read!

Katie Piper

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As many readers will already know, Katie Piper was the victim of a horrific acid attack, organised by her then-boyfriend, in 2008.

While she has since recovered and gone on to become a source of inspiration for many people across the world, the process has been a long and painful one - which she bravely chose to document in a bid to help others going through the same situation as her.

However this has led to some vile people making cruel comments about her appearance - something which Katie has bravely spoken out about in the past.

Sharing a very happy selfie on Instagram, Katie wrote: “I’m not beautiful like her. I’m beautiful like me.”

Writing in the image’s caption, she added powerfully: “Beauty, how attractive someone is - is all just an opinion.

“Sometimes an opinion from how we are conditioned - our surroundings, the pictures we look at and the material we choose to read.

“Confidence is attractive- we can only be truly confident when we gain acceptance, acceptance only happens when we stop comparing ourselves to other people.

“You are your only competition. Work on your own beauty.”

Her post was praised by her thousands of Instagram followers, all of whom thanked Katie for sharing such a powerful message.

“You are amazing - this is so well said,” commented one.

Katie’s words come almost exactly a year after a website created an entire article about Katie’s ‘terrifying’ face.

Taking to Instagram after spotting the article on her Facebook newsfeed, Katie shared a screen grab of the post.

Featuring a photograph of her own face, wearing a plastic pressure mask to help her scars to heal, the headline shockingly read: “These people with [the] most weird faces will leave you terrified.”

Katie, managing to remain dignified in spite of how she must have been left feeling after reading the post, wrote: “For some people, social media doesn't feel like interacting with real people.

“99% of the time I think before I hit post and often delete before I post.”

She then offered some sage words of advice for the bullies, revealing: “If it isn't how you would conduct yourself face-to-face offline, then don't post it.”

Katie’s followers were horrified left by the post - and quickly offered their support to the mum-of-one.

One wrote: “Some people are vile on the inside, at least your beautiful and inspirational.

“Don’t listen to nasty comments, you wouldn’t be who you are today if it wasn’t for the awful people in this world encouraging you to better yourself and overcome all hurdles placed in front of you.”

Another added firmly: “They are just uneducated and ignorant people; you are beautiful, inside and out - a true inspiration.”

Since Katie shared the post, the website - and Facebook page - deleted the story.

From the nightmare to the beautiful ever after she truly deserves, here’s a look back over Katie Piper's life in pictures:


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