Katie Hopkins under fire after commenting on Sam Bailey’s pregnancy: “She’ll be the size of a tour bus”

Katie Hopkins has hit out yet again, this time commenting on X Factor winner Sam Bailey’s recent pregnancy announcement.


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Writing in her column for a UK newspaper, Katie, 38, said that it is the wrong time for Sam to have a baby as her career is just taking off.

Katie said: “Typical woman. She wins the X Factor, gets everything she ever wanted and what does she do? Have a baby.”

She continued her rant, saying how she imagined Sam’s management reacted when she told them the news.

Sam announced her third pregnancy this week
Sam announced her third pregnancy this week


Recalling her own experiences of being told such news, Katie said her face ‘is a strange forced smile like you are pretending to be pleased but have acute appendicitis and chronic wind all at the same time.”

Sam, 36, who already has two children with her husband, was due to tour this year but has had to postpone it until next year.

Katie slammed Sam, saying she will be the size of a tour bus

“I bet [her management] are just thrilled she will miss her solo tour planned for October and will have to postpone until January. By then she will be the size of a tour bus.”

The singer herself has admitted to being terrified of telling her record label about the pregnancy, saying: “I was really upset because I thought I’d let everyone at my management and record label down. But they were really good about it.”

Katie once referred to Sam as a 'fat mum in a jumpsuit'


Of course, this isn’t the first time Katie has taken a swipe at Sam. Shortly after her X Factor victory, Katie referred to her as ‘a fat mum in a jumpsuit.’

Sam having to take time out of work to have a child obviously hasn’t gone down well with Katie, who has made her views on stay-at-home mums very clear.

Katie said previously: “Full time mummy is not an occupation. It is merely a biological status.”

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