Katie Hopkins defends Nick Knowles’ wife’s decision not to have him at birth: ‘Back off women!’

Katie Hopkins has slammed mothers everywhere for criticising Nick Knowles' wife after she announced she didn't want her husband at the birth…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Yup, you read that right; while Katie Hopkins, 38, usually spends her time on Twitter criticising celebrities, she actually used it to defend a famous mother last night.

Nick Knowles's wife Jessica, 26, recently revealed she didn't want her husband present in the delivery room for the birth of their first child.

She said: "Giving birth is a very physical process and I don't want him to see me in that vulnerable state. I prefer a little bit of smoke and mirrors."


However the mother-to-be received a lot of criticism from mothers on social media, who said she was "wrong" to make that decision and needed to "get a grip".

Katie waded into the debate last night, ordering the critics to "back off" and leave Jessica to make a decision which is right for her.


Although, naturally, she did it in her typical no-holds-barred fashion:**


While we're not sure we approve of Katie making a sly dig at full-time mothers, it is nice to see her using her social media account to defend people rather than attack them.

Do you agree with Katie? Should we ever judge a woman for deciding to go through labour alone, if that's what makes her comfortable? Have your say in the Comments Box below.

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