Nick Knowles’s wife bans him from the delivery room as she would feel too ‘vulnerable”

TV star Nick Knowles has been banned from his wife's bedside when she gives birth later this year, as she feels she would be in too "vulnerable" a position for him to see her


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The DIY SOS host, 51, already has three older children but is expecting a baby boy this summer with his new wife Jessica, 26.

However Jessica, who married Nick in September 2012, recently revealed that she does not want the father of her child to be present at the birth:

"Giving birth is a very physical process and I don't want him to see me in that vulnerable state. I prefer a little bit of smoke and mirrors."

Nick has since said that he is more than happy to follow his wife's wishes - and even implied that most men would welcome the option to skip the delivery room:

He said: "If Jess wanted me there, then of course I would be there, but I certainly don't feel offended that she doesn't. I'll be right outside, so I'll still be one of the first to hold our son.

Nick Knowles and his wife Jessica
Nick Knowles and his wife Jessica

"Men will tell you that they want to be at the birth but it's because they think they ought to be.

"Admitting that you're not going to be there provokes the most extraordinary reaction, as if it's an abdication of responsibility, but the fact is, it was only in the Sixties and Seventies that men started to be there at births.

"There's a huge amount of guilt, fear and worry on a man's behalf when their partner gives birth, along with a feeling of complete uselessness, so I'm more than happy to take Jess's lead on this."

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