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This week our thoughts are with the family of 14-year-old Alice Gross, whose body was finally discovered in the River Brent 28 days after she went missing from a towpath where she was walking.

Naturally, her parents were said to be completely devastated by the loss of the daughter they described as a 'quirky spark of a girl, beautiful inside and out'. It's impossible to imagine how they are getting through the days.

The search is on for Arnis Zalkalns, who was seen 'following' Alice Gross in CCTV footage shortly before she disappeared.
The search is on for Arnis Zalkalns, who was seen 'following' Alice Gross in CCTV footage shortly before she disappeared.

In Closer magazine – out next Tuesday – we've spoken to the mum of a 14-year-old who went missing nearly 11 years ago. She still doesn't know what happened to her beautiful daughter and gives us a heartbreaking insight into every parent's worst nightmare.

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If you like our real life stories you won't want to miss next week's issue as it contains an extra special mag – 24 pages packed full of stories to entertain, shock and move you.

We were bowled over by the bravery displayed by Ellie Challis, who lost her arms and legs to meningitis. The energetic 10-year-old refuses to let that hold her back; swimming, climbing trees and jumping on her trampoline. She says getting through life without limbs is 'easy' - she doesn't fail to inspire by example.

Somewhat less inspiring, is the life of the professional fame-chaser Josie Cunningham, who hit the headlines again last week.

Josie Cunningham has made headlines yet again.

The woman who rose to fame by getting a free NHS boob job (then moaning that she didn't like it) crashes through life on a wave of controversy. She's so desperate for publicity that she once threatened to abort the baby she was carrying so she could go into the Big Brother house.

Eventually she gave her daughter a stay of execution and this week went into early labour after discovering the 'premiership footballer' she'd been dating was actually a conman who'd pretended to be Hull City captain Curtis Davies. It's hard to understand how Josie could have been so duped, but presumably she was so desperate to be a WAG she didn't bother to ask too many questions. She should have asked him to prove himself by showing off a few of his ball skills – or perhaps that's how she got into a mess in the first place!

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh have ended their engagement following claims of infidelity.

It's true that romance can lead you down a bit of a rocky path. Just ask Kelly Brook, who has broken off her six–month long engagement after her fiancé David McIntosh allegedly cheated on her.

She won't be on her own for long though, that's for sure. Maybe she should take a leaf out of the book of alittle girl who batted away her schoolboy admirer with a very efficient forward thinking reply.

And talking of children telling it as it is, you can't fault the logic of the little boy who would like to take his arch enemy to a desert island. Hilarious!

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