Jodie Marsh wades into Katie Price’s spat with Chris Hughes – and guess whose side she’s NOT on…


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Jodie Marsh has had her say on Love Island star Chris Hughes' well-publicised spat with her old nemesis Katie Price - and it's safe to say she's not on the Pricey's side.

Jodie, whose feud with Katie is infamously years old now, retweeted a note message that Chris had written, addressing Katie.

He wrote alongside the original tweet: "I done with this shit now. You're looking to get back at me, your desperate. Stop sending threatening voice notes to my girlfriend too."

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Chris' VERY long note basically slated Katie, calling her a liar and accusing her of threatening his girlfriend Olivia Attwood.

So Jodie retweeted this and wrote alongside it: "We have needed someone to tell the truth for years. Well done that man!!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Threatening to destroy his career? Evil...."

Someone responded to her and wrote: "She's a melt and looking like a spitting image doll of herself. Embarrassment of a woman," to which Jodie replied: "She's just awful in every way."

But she didn't stop there.

Whilst none of Jodie's other tweets directly mentioned Katie at all, the context was already there.

She went on to say: "All we need now is for a load of others to have the balls to tell the truth about what certain people are REALLY like..."

She then tweeted: "Failing that I'll write a book and call it a novel. You wanna know what really goes on in showbiz?! God the stories I could tell..."

Since the original feud, Chris has not helped the situation after appearing on Loose Women last week.

After his initial claim that her texts were flirty, he said on the show: "Like someone asked me if they are flirty messages and I said yeah, in my opinion to me that’s flirty. I’ve got a girlfriend."

Obvs, Katie was NOT on the show that day.

He added: "For someone to message someone at half three in the morning and to message repetitively, to me that’s flirting when I’ve got a girlfriend. So that’s my opinion on it. That’s the way I see it. There are people who don’t see it as flirting and I personally do."

But Katie was not having ANY of it.

She hit back with her own sly tweet that made us wonder what ELSE she could possibly bring up - but we're sure she will.

EEE it doesn't look like the drama will be slowing down any time soon!

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