Chris Hughes takes ANOTHER swipe at Katie Price on Loose Women

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Chris Hughes took a fresh swipe at Katie Price today on Loose Women

Appearing on the ITV show, he spoke about the text messages he'd received from the former glamour model, which he shared on social media earlier this week - and renewed his claim that they were "flirty".

"Like someone asked me if they are flirty messages and I said yeah, in my opinion to me that’s flirty. I’ve got a girlfriend," he told the panel, which Katie often - but not today- appears on.

Chris Hughes ITV Loose Women
Chris continues to slame Katie Price (Credit: ITV/Loose Women) ©(Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

"For someone to message someone at half three in the morning and to message repetitively, to me that’s flirting when I’ve got a girlfriend," he continued.

"So that’s my opinion on it. That’s the way I see it. There are people who don’t see it as flirting and I personally do."

WATCH: Chris Hughes slams Katie Price on Loose Women

While he did seem to show some guilt for cruelly exposing the star - admitting it may have not been "the right thing to do" - he maintained "I don’t regret it".

Previously, Katie Price proved she can give as good as she gets when she slammed Love Island star Chris Hughes during her latest An Audience With tour stop, soon after he shared her private texts to him.

Appearing to take a swipe at Chris - who publicised the messages she said: "Some celebrities should be careful with what they say and not out people."

She then warned Chris he might face consequences for his behaviour, threatening: "'It will come back and bite them on the bum. Do you know what I mean?"

Oooo! Do we think Katie has more ammo on Chris? Serves him right, really!

Earlier this week, Katie's fans rushed in to defend her after Love Island's Chris Hughes tried to humiliate her.

Katie has been through hell in her personal life recently, with her husband Kieran Hayler's infidelity, a miscarriage and her mother's diagnosis with terminal lung cancer.

But it seems Chris Hughes will stop at nothing to shame her. First, he claimed on Twitter: "[Katie] has been sending me messages, but I’ve not been replying. I’ve shown them all to Olivia, so she’s cool with it," he told OK magazine.

Katie Price hard time
Katie has had a tough time of it lately (Credit: Getty) ©(Credit: Getty)

Following the interview, a defensive Katie – who has recently tried to patch things up with husband Kieran - tweeted saying: "Met @chrishughes_22 once on Loose Women and with @oliviajade_att at the football. Sorry to disappoint you all no flirty texts got sent!"

Chris took revenge by responding to the tweet with screenshots of the text messages he claimed Katie Price sent him.

Katie Price Chris Hughes tweets
Chris posted the text messages on Twitter in response to Katie's tweet. But are they even "flirty"?(Credit: Twitter/Katie Price) ©(Credit: Twitter/Katie Price)

He wrote: "Okay sweetheart. Being pied shouldn't make you bitter" followed by the screenshots.

Fans quickly rushed to take Katie's side after this public shaming, with one calling Chris "undignified" and reminding him Katie was in a "bad place".

Katie Price Chris Hughes tweets
Chris claimed to ignore Katie's messages (Credit: Twitter/Katie Price) ©(Credit: Twitter/Katie Price)

"Undignified mate, don't air your laundry in public. Fail to see any flirty messages, just someone in a bad place reaching out."

Another called him a "pathetic little boy".

"He’s just acted like the pathetic little boy he is. A man wouldn’t have responded that way! Chin up! You don’t need that kind of negativity!"

Chris Hughes
Is Chris lying? (Instagram/Chris Hughes) ©(Instagram/Chris Hughes)

As for the text messages themselves, while some of the messages DID look flirty - one read "Hope to hear from you" followed by heart emojis" – in another, Katie explicitly said "I'm not after you".

Furthermore, as Katie suggested in a later tweet, it does seem that Chris deleted might have deleted his responses to look as if he ignored Katie when he didn't.

In any case, we're with Katie's fans on this: that's no way to treat someone going through a hard time.

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