Jodie Marsh has revealed she is ASEXUAL

Jodie Marsh explains she is asexual

by A Jakes |
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Jodie Marsh has never been far from the public eye - from the days where she would venture out to nightclubs wearing belts as t-shirts, to becoming an incredibly toned and respected body builder- she has always been honest and open about her journey.

Now, Jodie has openly discussed her sexuality during a National Student Pride event at the University of Westminster on Saturday, and claims that she is not bothered by having sex at all.

The Daily Mirror reported, "I don't know if next year I'll be with a man, a woman, or with a toy in my bedroom. I'm nearly 40, I don't know who I am."

She continued, "I can’t claim to have gone through what the other people on this panel have gone through, I’ve not come out, I don’t know who I am.”

Then the 38-year-old bravely confirmed, "Honest truth? I am asexual right now. I don’t want sex with anybody. I’m not interested in sex with anybody."

We say kudos to the TV Personality for bringing attention to an issue which affects many people.

The panel was chaired by BBC Radio 1 host Adele Roberts with Transexual Summer star Lewis Hancox, UK Black Pride’s Phyll Opuku-Gyimah, Straight Jacket author Matthew Todd and singer Sarah Nimmo.

What is asexual?

Asexual can be defined as having little or no sexual feelings or desires. People who are asexual may also have no sexual orientation for either gender.

The revelation comes just days after Jodie was caught up in a Twitter storm involving the parents of missing Madeleine McCann. The star controversially tweeted, 'Nothing in the McCann story reads well to the mum in me. I'm not buying.'

Madeleine McCan has been missing since 2007 whilst on holiday in Portugal.

The McCanns have yet to comment on the This Morning programme or the allegations made by Jodie Marsh.

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