Jeff Brazier reveals children Bobby and Freddie’s favourite memory of late mother Jade Goody

Jeff Brazier

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Jeff Brazier has revealed his sons’ favourite memory of their late mother Jade Goody.

The former Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother star died in March 2009 after battling cervical cancer.

And television presenter Jeff has helped keep her memory alive for the children they shared together, Bobby and Freddie, since she passed away.

He says the boys see Jade as a lifesaver after she threw buckets of water over a fire in a fight to put out the flames in a blaze that unexpectedly burned at their villa whilst on holiday in Trinidad and Tobago in 2007.

Jade Goody Jeff Brazier
Jade and Jeff were once a couple (Credit: Getty Images)

Jade rescued her kids from the house and Jack is planning to take them back there so they can feel a connection to their mum.

He told MailOnline: “Their favourite memory is sadly one that I wasn’t part of, but irrespective it was a very wonderful heroic memory for them.

“They were in Trinidad and Tobago and somehow she put out a fire. They recall it very fondly how mummy was very quick to react to the fact that something was on fire and that she put it out.

“They were young and very impressionable at the time and just thought that was the most incredible thing. They thought, ‘Wow, my mum’s a lifesaver, she’s a firefighter!”

He added: “That’s a wonderful memory. That’s probably their most valued memory. I’m going to take them there one day and it will feel special because it was a place that’s very special to their mum.”

The fire started outside and began moving up the driveway towards the building.

Bobbie and Freddie were inside the home at the time but Jade saved them and the property was damaged by the smoke.

Jade said of the incident before her death: “I came for a nice relaxing holiday and ended up putting fires out in my own back garden. It was really scary.”

Jeff Brazier is taking part in the new Dolmio 'No drama' campaign- which highlights how a family favourite like Spaghetti Bolognese can bring families together and help diffuse dinnertime dramas.

Do you have a favourite memory of Jady Goody and do you think Jeff is doing a good job as a parent by keeping her memory alive? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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