Jamie Oliver is told off by his own MUM after controversial Instagram post with son River Rocket

Naughty step for 41 minutes please, Jamie

Jamie Oliver faced criticism for this photo of River Rocket lying on a hard floor

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When we were younger, we would fantasise about moving out to a place where our mum wouldn't tell us off for leaving a cereal bowl by the side of the sink for 2.3 seconds. 'I'll move it in a minute, mum! I'm just trying to rest! I've had a long day at school!' whilst playing an ABBA record to drown out the nagging.

Even though admittedly we have turned into a Marge Simpson ourselves (why can't our other half do anything?!) we couldn't help but find this comment by Jamie Oliver's mum on Instagram HILARIOUS.

It all started when the TV chef and chip-banning school meals advocate Jamie Oliveruploaded this picture of youngest child, 7 month old River Rocket, looking rather cute in a pastel baby-grow. The little one looks as happy as us when we realised we are only a few days away from getting our mitts on some chocolate eggs...

Jamie Oliver faced criticism for this photo of River Rocket lying on a hard floor
(Credit: Instagram/Jamie Oliver)

Mr Oliver captioned the photo 'Morning little boy.....always good to get a nice smile' with a love-struck emoji to his 5.6 million followers.

Of course, with that hefty following, someone was going to find a fault with the seemingly harmless photo. However, we bet Mr Oliver didn't bank it on being his own mother....

Sally Oliver commented on the Instagram post ‘This adorable child! He looks so like you as a baby! But please get him off that hard floor now.’

Oooooh Jamie Oliver is in trouble. I wonder if wife Jools will send the TV chef to his room without any chocolate pumpkin brûlée pie?

This isn't the first time Jamie has faced criticism for his parenting skills on Instagram. Only a few days ago, users were mad after he posted this 'irresponsible' photo of himself holding River Rocket. He was also slammed for this controversial decision during his youngest's birth.

What do you think? Team Mother Oliver and babies should not be placed on hard floors, even if it is for 100,000 likes on Instagram? Or should everyone leave Jamie Oliver alone? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter

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