Jacqueline Jossa talks post-baby body: “I’ve felt down recently,”

Jacqueline Jossa

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |

All mummies will know that feeling after giving birth to your bundle of joy – as well as being completely in love with your little one, you soon learn that you are capable of multi-tasking in a way you never thought possible, and nights where you get more than three hours of sleep seem like a distant memory …

But one common insecurity that mums are faced with is all down to the growing pressure to suddenly ‘snap back’ to their pre-baby bodies as soon as they’ve given birth. Of course, it is completely up to the individual if and when they want to lose weight post-pregnancy and it’s something that no one but the mother in question should have any say about!

Famous mums aren’t exempt from the insecurities either – Imogen Thomas has spoken up about how trolls made her feel pressure to get her figure back, and Rebecca Adlington has admitted that instead of feeling shamed about her ‘kangaroo pouch’, she loves and embraces it!

We love it when our favourite celebrities come forward to talk about the same insecurities that we face, as their honesty is often refreshing and comforting for mums who are going through the same things.

Jacqueline Jossa is the latest TV star to talk about the effect that childbirth has had on her self-image.

Talking to Reveal, Jacqueline admitted: “I’ve felt a bit down recently. I felt like I had a baby and I should be sorting myself out, but I’m not.”

Jacqueline, who shares one-year-old Ella with boyfriend Dan Osborne has recently returned to EastEnders to revive her role as Lauren Branning.

But with everything going on in Albert Square at the moment, what does the future hold for Lauren – and what has really happened to Peter Beale?

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