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Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and his husband Carl Hyland became parents to twin babies Chase and Phoebe Rae in May

Kieron Richardson and his husband Carl Hyland became parents to twins one month ago.

The Hollyoaks actor announced the news with an adorable photo of their hospital bands, announcing their names too - Chase and Phoebe-Rae Hyland-Richardson, who were born via a surrogate.

Throughout their surrogate's pregnancy, Kieron, 31, and Carl kept a video log for Channel 4 documentary Raised By Queers.

Carl and Kieron became parents to Phoebe Rae and Chase (Credit: All 4/ Raised By Queers) ©All 4/ Raised By Queers

The couple filmed phone conversations with their surrogate as she talked them through how she was feeling on particular days, discussions amongst each other over who would be "Daddy" and who would be "Dad" - and even interviewed other same-sex parents.

Although the world has become more and more accepting of homosexual relationships, the revelations from the parents proved that people in general are still very judgemental towards parents of the same sex.

Speaking to one couple from Worcestershire, Michael and Wes, who had their seven-month-old baby girl Talullah via a surrogate.

They shared their first precious moments with the twins in the documentary (Credit: All 4/ Raised By Queers) ©All 4/ Raised By Queers

Michael told Kieron that the hospital hadn't "been prepared" for a "same-sex surrogacy journey".

Because the surrogate was married, she and her husband were technically the legal parents, which meant that the new dads couldn't take Talullah home from the pregnancy ward - they had to hand her over in the hospital car park.

Kieron told the couple, who have both previously been in heterosexual marriages before, that he had also experience some irksome behaviour at the hospital.

The babies are absolutely beautiful (Credit: All 4/ Raised By Queers) ©All 4/ Raised By Queers

He said: "At our first scan, she went into the room with her husband and we tried to walk in and the nurse stopped us and said, 'Only the dad in here!' and we went, 'Well we're the dads actually!'"

At the end of the video, Kieron and Carl appear on screen to announce that the babies have been born, and show us a sneak peek of the twins.

But after the birth, Kieron revealed to the camera that he "didn't feel the hospital were quite ready for two dads."

He said: "There was one incident in particular where a very senior lady that worked on the ward said, 'Those men shouldn't be left with those babies on their own because they have no parental rights'."

Kieron couldn't help but show off his new babies after they'd been born (Credit: All 4/ Raised By Queers) ©All 4/ Raised By Queers

The actors heartbreaking admission was very upsetting, but thankfully the hospital manager apologised as it was down to a lack of information being shared.

But what a thing to say to two new dads!

A week after the twins were born, the family were shown settling into their new life, and it's such a heartwarming thing to see two parents starting out on their new life, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

The new dads were settled into the routine a week after their birth (Credit: All 4/ Raised By Queers) ©All 4/ Raised By Queers

But Kieron seemed positive about the future, ending the short film by saying: "I feel like I've got so much to celebrate right now - I'm a young man who's openly gay who's got a husband and now I've got two children.

"We love those kids. We're going to show that we're like any other family."

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