Holly Willoughby shows her Spanx during All Round to Mrs Brown’s TV appearance

Holly Willoughby

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Holly Willoughby proved just how normal she is by showing off her Spanx

Holly Willoughby is definitely one of our favourite television presenters because she's funny, fabulous and completely honest about wearing Spanx.

In the past, the This Morning presenter has hinted about wearing the underwear that helps women "hold everything in". While she was presenting the TV show The Voice, she explained what she has in her dressing room: "Mine is just hairspray, bits of hair flying around the room that will be stuck on the best they can at some point, and some pairs of Spanx."

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During a recent appearance on All Round to Mrs Brown's she proved she does wear Spanx by showing them off to the audience. After Mrs Brown (who is infamously played by Brendan O'Carroll) complimented her 'gorgeous' dress, Holly said: "Thank you, as is yours."

Holly Willoughby
Holly and Phillip Schofield appeared on All Round to Mrs Brown (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Mrs Brown's then pointed out: "Well, you can see my panty line, we can't see yours."

But Holly quickly replied: "That's because my pants go from there to there. Spanx."

She then proved she's not lying by showing off her Spanx. Cheeky!

Holly Willoughby
Holly proves she's just like the rest of us and wears Spanx ©BBC

Fans seem to be happy and the revelation. One person tweeted: "Holly Willoughby wears Spanx, we're all fine gals"

Another person said: "@hollywills showing her Spanx on Saturday night TV is yet another reason why I love her #AllRoundToMrsBrowns"

Someone else commented: "What a woman, a girl of my own heart, @hollywills showing her Spanx on #AllRoundToMrsBrowns"

A fourth person tweeted: "You were brill @hollywills last night showing your knickers shows you are not just gorgeous but fun as well XXX"

Holly was recently left embarrassed on the TV show Play To The Whistle after her former co-presenter Jake Humphreys reveals they once 'slept together'.

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