Gogglebox bosses are VERY worried about their stars – but why?

Why are Gogglebox bosses so worried about the stars of the show? Find out:


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If you’re anything like us, you’re absolutely OBSESSED with Gogglebox (and the upcoming spin-of show, Gogglesprogs).

And a lot of that is down to the awesome and down-to-earth people they have sat on the show’s iconic sofas.

Whether you’re obsessed with real-life BFFs Sandy and Sandra, prefer to get tipsy with ‘posh couple’ Steph and Dom, love downing tea with the Moffatt family, or have a different favourite all together, we love nothing more than chilling out with our fave stars as they settle down to watch TV.

But, as it turns out, the show’s bosses are more than a little concerned about our favourite Gogglebox stars.


Yup, according to sources at The Sun, the stars of the show are becoming a little bit too famous for their taste.

And it could spell disaster for their ratings.

The unnamed source revealed: “The cast are the hottest things around right now and brands are offering big money to snap them up for other TV projects and endorsements – but Channel 4 bosses fear the more they’re seen, the less appeal the show will have.

“There have been discussions amongst the cast about negotiating any contracts ahead of the next series with what they can and can’t do.”


According to reports, the show's ratings have actually gone UP from under two million to a whopping 4.3 million in recent months.

But we can kind of understand the worry of the show's bosses that the cast might be poached.

We recently revealed that Chris Steed and Stephen Webb - aka two of the funniest Gogglebox stars ever - may be set to quit the show, in order to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

And Scarlett Moffatt is set to join the cast of stars for Channel 4’s Celebrity First Dates.

Throw in Sandra’s desire to appear on Tattoo Fixers, and there DOES seem to be a trend for Goggleboxers seeking work away from the show.

Fingers crossed that doesn’t lead to any issues, eh?

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