Wayne Bridge’s proposal to Frankie wasn’t nearly as glamorous as you’d imagine!

Frankie and Wayne Bridge

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Frankie Bridge is a member of The Saturdays while husband Wayne Bridge is an international footballer so we'd have expected their engagement to be a very lavish affair

But the pair told Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show this morning that while the moment he popped the question back in 2013 was very sweet, it was far from the romantic scene Wayne had originally planned.

Wayne said: "I wasn't actually going to ask her in the end, it was such a terrible night.

Frankie and Wayne Bridge
Frankie and Wayne shared their sweet enagagement story on today's Lorraine(credit: ITV) ©(credit: ITV)

"Basically Frankie wanted to go away, so I was going to do it at that time... she wanted a weekend in the country, and we ended up with a weekend in the city. Frankie was pregnant at the time, couldn't get her dress on, and she was just stressing, she was being a bit grumpy."

Frankie continued the story: "I wanted to go to the country, away with the dogs, have some time away, I was pregnant. We went into London and I was like, 'Well this isn’t what I wanted.'

Frankie Bridge
Frankie admitted her engagement wasn't quite the romantic scene she'd always dreamed of (credit: Instragram: Frankie Bridge) ©(credit: Instragram: Frankie Bridge)

"We were going for dinner and I couldn’t do my dress the whole way up, and I couldn't even get my shoes on. I was massive and Wayne was going to me, 'Honestly babe it's fine, where we're going for dinner no-one’s going to notice,' and I was like, 'No, I'm getting it on.'

"So I couldn’t breathe. My shoes were undone... and then he proposed! And I was like, 'I’m supposed to look nice at this moment.'"

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The couple revealed their fine dining plans also didn't work out so instead they celebrated their engagement over a Big Mac and fries!

Wayne said: "We ended up with a takeaway from McDonald's because we didn't like the food."

Frankie, 28, and Wayne, 37, who originally met thanks to being set up by James Corden, went on to tie the knot at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire in 2014 following the birth of Parker.

Since then, they've also welcomed another son, Carter.

Wayne also has a son with his ex Vanessa Perroncel, who he separated from in 2009 amid claims she'd had an affair with his England teammate John Terry.

*The couple tied the knot at Woburn Abbey in 2014 *

Strictly star Frankie has recently been outspoken about their sex life, saying she won't do it if she's "not in the mood", or if Wayne tries it on after midnight.

She said on Loose Women: "Wayne’s quite persistent, I'm not going to lie. I can be persuaded, but if I'm feeling fat or if I'm feeling anxious that day or if I'm overly tired or emotional, that makes me not in the mood, whereas men – they're always in the mood aren’t they?"

The mother-of-two admitted today that it's "a little bit embarrassing" how widely reported her comments were but she added: "I think it just shows how much of a topic it is that everyone relates to."

Frankie was pregnant with Parker when Wayne popped the question

Talking about her Saturdays bandmate Mollie King's involvement in Strictly, Frankie said: "She looks amazing, she's going to look great in every costume for starters. But she's an amazing dancer.

"She's very nervous, but I knew she'd want to do it because whenever I had Kevin (Clifton, Frankie's dance partner) at work, she'd always get him to give her a little twirl around.

"So I was like 'she'll be on it as soon as she can'. And already she's absolutely loving her life, which I knew she would."

The couple now have two adorable little boys

Frankie made it all the way to the final when she was on the show in 2014, so does she think her bandmate can also go all the way? Or even go one better and win it?

She admitted her chances were good but people shouldn't assume ballroom dancing will come naturally because of her popstar background.

She said: "Because we danced in front of people (as The Saturdays) people assume you're a trained dancer, but neither of us were, and it's completely different. I mean, in The Saturdays we did a lot of this (poses with hands on hips), and a lot of walking, which isn’t quite the same as Ballroom and Latin.

"She's a little bit slower at picking things up which I think is what's making her nervous. But I have every faith in her obviously. And her and AJ (Pritchard) get on really well, so that's nice."

Frankie said she wouldn't be surprised if romance blossoms between Mollie and her Strictly partner AJ

Earlier this week, Frankie also said she wouln't be surprised if Mollie and AJ become more than just friends, as so many Strictly couples have before them.

"Molls is young and single, so why not?" she said. "Mollie and AJ really gel together – they get on and their personalities are really similar. They're a really good match."

So perhaps we'll be hearing another Saturday's engagement story soon too!

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