Emmerdale star reveals ‘horrific moment’ he had to consider donating baby son’s organs

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Actor Dominic Brunt has experienced a similar heartbreaking story to his character Paddy Dingle's

Emmerdale actor Dominic Brunt, who plays local Dales vet Paddy Kirk, has opened up in an interview about a current storyline that's very close to home.

Dominic had previously spoken out about his then eight-month old son Danny who needed by-pass surgery which carried the risk that he may not survive.

Doctors asked Paddy and his wife Joanne to consider organ donation if their boy didn't survive the operation, which - thankfully - it did not come to.

Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 1st October - Friday 5 October


Emmerdale spoilers Monday 1st October - Friday 5 October

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Chas gives birth

Chas and Paddy meet baby Grace, but their joy is cut short as the realisation sets in they'll only be able to share a few brief moments with their daughter.

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Heartbreak for Chas and Paddy

The countdown to Grace's tragic death begins and Chas and Paddy share a tender moment as they talk about all the things Grace will miss out on in her life. Later, baby Grace passes away in Chas' arms and the couple are left distraught knowing their lives will never be the same again.

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David Metcalfe invites a homeless Maya Stepney to live with him while she finds her feet.

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emmerdale spoilers

Maya willingly accepts Davids kind invitation, but we've got a feeling it's not all going to be plain sailing.

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The next day...

After inviting Maya to stay, David hears a noise upstairs and heads up hoping it's Maya.

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emmerdale spoilers

However, David gets a shock when he finds himself face to face with a blast from the past.

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emmerdale spoilers

David is shocked to see the woman behind the towel is his ex Leyla.

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emmerdale spoilers

He definitely wasn't expecting that, was he?

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emmerdale spoilers

Uh-oh, things go from bad to worse when Maya walks in on David and Leyla talking on the bed.

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emmerdale spoilers

David soon finds himself in hot water with Maya, and we later see Jacob Metcalfe's reaction to Leyla's return.

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In other news...

Moira arrives to tell Debbie and Charity that Cain has been arrested in France

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Things take a sinister turn for Graham and Joe

Joe Tate discovers Graham Foster knows about Debbie Dingle's forged signature on the pre-nup. Meanwhile, Connor Jenson comes looking for Graham and he threatens Joe with a gun, demanding to know where Graham is. Worried for his life, Joe tells Connor he too hates Graham. He tells him he will ensure Graham is at Home Farm tomorrow

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emmerdale spoilers

Meanwhile, Connor Jenson comes looking for Graham and he threatens Joe with a gun, demanding to know where Graham is. Worried for his life, Joe tells Connor he too hates Graham. He tells him he will ensure Graham is at Home Farm tomorrow

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The next day, the enormity of what he's done hits Joe and he leaves a backtracking answerphone message for Connor telling him not to hurt Graham. But is he too late? As Connor is stood over a bound and gagged Graham, muttering that he's going to enjoy every second of what he's about to do to him

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Tracy Metcalfe and Victoria lay flowers on Finn Barton's grave.

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emmerdale spoilers

Victoria is bitter that Adam can't be here to do the same and walks away leaving Tracy puzzled.

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Tracy confronts Leyla

After her shock return Tracy confronts Leyla.

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emmerdale spoilers

Tracy and Leyla row, Tracy grabs Leyla's things and chucks them outside.

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Liam and Bernice get close

After flirting up a storm Liam Cavanagh's plan to woo Bernice kicks up a notch.

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Dr Cavanagh and Bernice kiss. But Bernice pulls back, telling him they can't go any further until she has ended things with Daz Spencer.

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It's time for RobRon's big day

Aaron casts his doubts about the wedding after Paddy's concerns it's too soon for Chas. Meanwhile, Robert gets ready as he tries to convince Victoria how sorry Aaron is for lying to her about Adam. Victoria is determined to put Robert first despite everything and agrees to attend the wedding.

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Will they tie the knot?

Aaron hands Robert his old watch, which Aaron has had engraved with the dates of their two weddings. Robert is overwhelmed and both head off happy and excited to get married. Soon with family and friends gathered at a pagoda outside the Village Hall, the wedding ceremony gets underway. PHEW.

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More romance in the village

After her return to the village, Ross hires out the café to spend some alone time with Rebecca. When Rebecca questions Ross about his feelings for her, he responds by pulling her in for a kiss.

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emmerdale spoilers

She tenderly kisses him back, but how long will this bliss last?

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Uh oh!

Things finally look to be back on track for Ross, until he spots Dawn. She has some information Ross has been waiting for...

chas and paddy emmerdale

Now, Dominic has spoken in more detail to the Mirror, recalling: “At the time it was horrific. You’re in the eye of the storm, it was horrible. You think you are going to lose your son.

"We had to discuss it, but even before that we’d all agreed to be donors in the family – my sisters are nurses so it was how we were brought up.”

Dominic's character Paddy is currently involved in a horrific storyline with Chas Dingle which reflects some of his own experiences.

Next week, the couple's newborn baby Grace dies in Chas' arms due to a condition called bilateral renal agenesis, which means that her kidneys haven't developed properly.

paddy and chas baby tragedy

Knowing the situation since Grace's 20 week scan, Paddy and Chas made the incredibly difficult agreement that they would donate their daughter's organs to save another baby.

Speaking about the storyline, Dominic added: "When we have had emotional stuff to film it was very hard to leave it behind, you can’t shake it. We aren’t going through it in real life, Imagine really going through it?

“Firstly as an actor you want to get it right. You are honoured to be given that story, then on the flip-side you want to do it justice for the people who have been through it and you want to do it responsibly and carefully."

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robert and aaron emmerdale

AfterPaddy and Chas' baby tragedy, Aaron Dingle is left wondering if he should postpone his wedding to Robert Sugden. Chas insists it must go ahead, but will he agree? Meanwhile, Robert has a job on his hands trying to convince Victoria Barton to attend the wedding after Aaron lied to her about Adam Barton.

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