Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nancy Hayton plots REVENGE on Darren Osbourne and Mandy Hutchinson


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Next week's Hollyoaks sees Mercedes McQueen confront Sylver McQueen, Mac Nightingale get back to his usual evil tricks, and Nancy Hayton insist she'll tear apart Darren Obsourne and Nancy Hutchinson.

But before we get into the nitty gritty of next week, let's recap about all the goings on this week in Chester:

Nancy Hayton and Darren Osbourne planned to meet with the social worker to see if they could officially foster Brooke Hathaway.

But before the meeting, Nancy confronted Mandy Richardson and blamed her for not noticing Ollie Morgan's abuse. Things got heated between the pair...

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Nancy arrived late for the meeting with the social worker, as she was still shaken from her fight with Mandy. But the meeting was successful, and they were allowed to foster Brooke!

Darren was hopeful that things might work out with him and Nancy, and Charlie and Oscar overheard an argument between them and wondered what was going on. Darren then planned a grand gesture for Nancy.

But it looks like this grand gesture may prove futile... let's have a look at next week's spoilers.

Hollyoaks spoilers: 1 - 7 October 2018


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hollyoaks spoilers

Nancy Hayton tells Kyle Kelly that she won't rest until she tears Darren Osborne and Mandy Hutchinson apart, after finding out about their affair last week.

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Hunter McQueen confronts Mac Nightingale just as Alfie Nightingale arrives.

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Mac then throws himself to the floor and pretends that Hunter punched him

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Hunter is having doubts about moving to Brighton as he doesn't want Mac to win.

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Hunter later has a panic attack when he sees Mac has painted over Neeta's mural.

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Romeo Quinn is back in the village!

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Romeo and Prince McQueen try and come up with a money-making scheme, and decide to rip off Ste's lunchbox.

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Romeo attempts to break into James Nightingale' flat, but is startled when Harry Thompson let's himself in while he's there... will he get caught?

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Lily McQueen comes to Romeo's rescue when he cuts his hand while in Harry's flat.

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Damon Kinsella receives a visiting order asking him to visit Buster in prison, but Brody Hudson hides it from him

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Lily knows it was Romeo who broke into James' flat.

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He confesses, and she asks him to move out of their shared place

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Bobby Costello is learning to ride a bike.

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When he falls off his bike, Sylver McQueen cleans his hand...

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... and fixes the bike.

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Merecedes McQueen then shouts at Sylver as she accuses him of taking Bobby without her knowledge.

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Joel Dexter is BACK.

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After returning to the village, Joel reunites with fiance Cleo.

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Mercedes tries to convince Cleo to try on wedding dresses with her, but Cleo insists she doesn't want a big wedding.

In other Hollyoaks news, the Closer office hasn't stopped talking about the UH-MAZING Autumn trailer.

In the vid, we see the return of Sinead O'Connor, played by Stephanie Davis. Sinead can be seen returning to the village after leaving years earlier when she discovered that Ste Hay was having an affair with Harry Thompson.

In the hugely entertaining video, Sinead throws herself into a taxi saying she's "got a wedding to ruin". Very dramatic.

Are you looking forward to next week's Hollyoaks? What will Nancy's revenge be? Will Mercedes and Sylver ever admit they like each other? And what on earth will become of Mac? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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