EastEnders’ Marc Elliott opens up about secret struggle: ‘It was really hard’

The actor played Syed Masood in the BBC One soap

Syed Masood played by Marc Elliott

by Francesca Battson |

Marc Elliott made TV history by becoming the first openly gay Muslim character in a soap on EastEnders.

Playing the role of Syed Masood from 2009, Marc won the 2010 British Soap Award for Best Newcomer and will mostly be remembered for his affair with Christian Clarke.

Marc bowed out of the soap in 2012, and recently revealed that he doesn’t see himself returning to Albert Square.

Speaking to Inside Soap, he said: “I reckon my EastEnders days are done, to be honest. I had an incredible time which I think came to a very satisfying conclusion, so I’m happy to say that it’s in the past now.

“I don’t see myself going back there,” he added.

Watch the moment Syed revealed he's gay here:

However, Marc will be gracing our screens once again with his new look, as he makes his debut in Holby City next week as Dominic Copeland’s new love interest – who is currently grieving following his best friend Arthur Digby’s death.

Speaking about his latest casting, Marc said: “I am so pleased to be joining the lovely and incredibly welcoming cast of Holby City, and very much looking forward to playing this complex and flawed character.

"My twin sister was born with the brains and has been working as a fully qualified veterinary surgeon for some years now. I am chuffed that I'm finally going to be able to compete if only in the pretend world!”

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But the 36 year old has revealed that after leaving EastEnders, he had some difficulty getting new roles.

He told What’s On TV: "I think it's always problematic when you're in a massive show like that, and actually the story was a lot bigger than they ever thought it was going to be.

“I was really proud to be a part of it and it was very exciting at the time, but I'm not going to lie, shaking off Walford was certainly tricky.

"Once you've done something like that, it's very hard for casting directors to see beyond that character, and I found it difficult to get into audition rooms. I ended up being in loads of musicals, which is kind of weird considering I didn't know if I could sing. Apparently I can!"

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