Holby City spoilers: Dr Arthur Digby’s funeral rocked by major disaster


Holby City - Arthur Digby's funeral

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As Holby City fans will already be well aware, Arthur Digby tragically passed away in last night’s episode.

The popular character, who had been in the show for over three years, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer just a few weeks ago.

And, last night, we saw him rushed into surgery after his stomach cancers ruptured.

Tragically there was nothing that could be done to save his life and, in tearjerking scenes, we watched him take his last few breaths.

Oh Arthur, why did you have to ruin our makeup like that? We cried SO many tears for you.

Speaking to Digital Spy about why he decided to quit the medical drama, Rob ostlers said: "I made the decision quite a while before I left the show. I knew that I would have been there for three and a half years in total, so I felt that was a great amount of time to be there.

“It was a difficult decision, especially because Holby is so great and the people are brilliant. But as a youngish actor, you have to try and find new challenges."

Holby City - Arthur Digby's funeral
©Holby City - BBC One

Speaking about how his character’s death will affect those he’s left behind, Rob added: “Arthur's death definitely sparks a lot of change.

“I was quite lucky with him, because he spent a lot of time with various people in the hospital - so I think it affects quite a lot of people in the next few months.

“It's a big event and I think it certainly triggers lots of things for Dominic, Morven and Zosia especially."

And he wasn’t kidding!

Holby City - Arthur Digby's funeral
©Holby City - BBC One

In new spoilers, we’ve learned that, on the day of Arthur’s funeral, the Holby City team gather to say goodbye.

Dom is asked to give the eulogy, but he struggles to say goodbye to his best friend.

So, when a major disaster with multiple casualties hits the hospital, Dom welcomes the excuse to avoid letting Arthur go.

Holby City - Arthur Digby's funeral
©Holby City - BBC One

One of the patients, however, bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Dr Digby… and it sparks a huge storyline for Dom as a result.

Will he, Zosia and Morven ever be able to find a way to come to terms with their grief?

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This episode of Holby City airs at 8pm on 16th June, BBC One.

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