Danniella Westbrook sparks concern with hospital bed picture

Danniella has caused worry among fans after tweeting a picture from a hospital bed

Danniella Westbrook

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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The former Eastenders star has not had it easy recently.

Her children were targeted by online trolls, she opened up about her childhood abuse and after her Twitter account was hacked by her 'friends' she made her Instagram account private.

And in now-deleted tweets the 42-year-old actress uploaded a picture from a hospital room alongside the caption: "Hospital swollen in pain and worn out. Thank you Remy for being with me and my George. #poorly."

After fans began to worry about the star, she wrote: "I have an infection in my blood I'm very poorly! I have been in hospital YES! And this stalker s**t, @kentpolicemed still waiting 4 help!!"

On Tuesday (2 August) the Celebrity Big Brother star tweeted: "Just when you think it's all OK… BAM you get hit by another wave… Do ya sink or swim…. #SwimAlways"

Which left fans worrying for the star.

And the drama continued as it became clear Danniella's Twitter account was hacked when she wrote: "Whoever is on my Twitter you're SICK I'M NOT ON DRUGS! I'm VERY ILL WITH A BLOOD INFECTION @kentpolicemed Stop this"

Danniella Westbrook
©Twitter / @westbrookdanni

Daniella then announced that she was going to delete her Twitter account in a tweet writing: "OK SO YOU LEAVE ME NO OPTION BUT TO CLOSE MY TWITTER @kentpolicemed @Support #STALKED #HACKED"

She also posted a video of herself explaining her troubles. In the video while in bed she says: "Hello everyone it's me Danniella. I've been woken up from my sleep by friends.

"My account has been hacked again. I've been in hospital. I've had to have all my teeth removed, for a blood and bone infection.

"Through no fault of my own. I'm not taking drugs. I'm not pregnant.

Danniella Westbrook
©Twitter / @westbrookdanni

"Everything is fine with me and George. I'm just very, very poorly from a blood infection as you can see I'm not on drugs alright.

"I look tired. I'm knackered."

She then went on to discuss the problems her stalked her caused: "This stalker is absolutely trying to ruin my life. Taking pictures through the window of our house.

"I've had to sell my car, they've had my car registration.

"Kent medway police have done nothing to help. In two weeks I'm still waiting for them to come out and take a report.

Danniella Westbrook
©Twitter / @westbrookdanni

"Just so you know I'm closing my Twitter down. So any messages that you get from here on out after this will not be from me it'll be from the person that's got all my details.

"I'm sorry I've got to this but they leave me no options but to.

"Thank you for all your support, lots of love everybody. Goodnight."

Bless her, nobody likes a Twitter troll or hacker.

Fan have tweeted their best wishes to the TV star, one wrote: "Get well soon Dan."

Another wrote: "Feel so sorry 4 her she's not feeling well just leave her alone."

Someone else commented: "Wishing you better darling"

Although we did notice that Danniella liked a few of her Twitter followers who congratulated her on announcing she's pregnant.

One follower tweeted her: "Congratulations! You deserve it! #woohoo"

Someone else tweeted her: "You'll be a great mum!"

Whether Danniella is pregnant or not we hope she gets better soon!

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