Danniella Westbrook shocks fans by live streaming her vaginal surgery on Snapchat

An eye opening experience for literally everyone

Daniella Westbrook

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Danniella Westrbook has always been quite open about any surgery she undertakes – but she has taken things to a whole new level by live streaming a procedure on her vagina this week.

The former EastEnders star stunned followers of her Snapchat account on Thursday when she captured the moment a doctor operated on her most intimate area.

The outspoken star, 43, suggested she is a fan of a pun as she rebranded the video sharing app "Snatchchat" as she went under the knife (or rather, the laser).

Wearing a hospital gown and laying back on a medical bed, the star kept fans abreast of developments throughout the 20-minute procedure.

Daniella Westbrook
Daniella Westbrook ©Snapchat

Sher even boasted that it didn’t hurt as fans logged in to follow the event.

"Just another normal day in my crazy world, the life of Daniella Westbrook," the star said one the recording.

"No longer is it Snapchat, it is Snatchchat. Get ready for that designer vagina, people!" she exclaimed.

The actress then turned the camera on a nurse that was standing at the base of her bed who immediately broke into an enthusiastic ‘jazz hands’ movement.

Daniella Westbrook
Daniella Westbrook ©Snapchat

"You see the thing is, when you’re having this laser done, this designer vagina, you think it’s going to really hurt. It don’t," Daniella continued.

Really hammering home her point, she added: "I’m currently having my treatment now. It don’t hurt," and when a friend peered around to get a first hand view of what was going on, Daniella snapped: "I aint a wimp! I’m loving it, loving it!"

It is unclear exactly what kind of procedure Daniella was undertaking, but she also captured on her Snapchat a sign at the medical centre she attended reading: "Aesthetic treatments, non-surgical procedures, cosmetic surgery".

Lasers can be used to lighten skin tones.

Daniella’s procedure comes amid reports her on-off toyboy lover George Arnold has been trying to contact her – as a screenshot revealed five missed calls from "my George" which she captioned with the message: "Seriously… Just when life was going good… my phone starts blowing up."

Daniella Westbrook
Danniella Westbrook ©Snapchat

The actress had candidly revealed on This Morning last month that she entered a dark mental state when she and George broke up.

"I tried to overdose a lot when George walked out," she said on the show.

Danniella has struggled with drug addiction in the past – famously requiring extensive surgery on her nose after her columella collapsed due to extensive cocaine abuse.

Danniella revealed she had suffered a relapse and entered a state of depression after things came to an end with George.

Daniella Westbrook
Danniella Westbrook ©Snapchat

"I was so depressed with everything… George just got up one morning and I realised I didn’t know you at all then," she told Philip Schofield and Holly Whillougby on the mid-morning show.

"He had his reasons but at the time I couldn’t see it that way because I was so depressed," she continued.

"I did relapse. My whole world was over when he left," she said.

We’re glad to see Danniella is taking care of herself now.

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