Ross Kemp on why he didn’t film EastEnders scenes with Daniella Westbrook

Are things OK between the on-screen siblings?

Grant Mitchell Peggy Funeral EastEnders

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We definitely thought things were fishy when Grant Mitchell didn’t really turn up to Peggy’s funeral with the only evidence of Grant, played by Ross Kemp, being there was the beautiful red rose he left at his beloved mum's graveside.


He didn’t attend the service, the wake or pop in to say hello to Sharon Mitchell, Sam Mitchell OR his brother Phil Mitchell...

Grant Mitchell Peggy Funeral EastEnders

It left us questioning SO MANY things…

But now Ross Kemp has set the record straight stating that he simply was just too busy to film with everyone else and his schedule clashed with filming dates (he was filming his documentary, Ross Kemp: The Fight Against ISIS.

One person he didn’t get to film with was Daniella Westbrook, who returned as Sam Mitchell, which led to people questioning whether they were still pals.

Ross hit back, telling OK! Online: "Yeah because I never got the chance.

"At the time the funeral was happening, I was in Mongolia down a coal mine.

"So I couldn’t be in that bit.”

He added: "The reason why I didn’t work with Danniella was because I wasn’t there for those particular episodes. I wasn’t in the same country at the same time."

After filming scenes, Danniella revealed that she was upset that she didn't get to work with her other on-screen sibling.

I suppose we can let him off… just this once.

Now hurry up and make your EastEnders return a more permanent one.

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