Congrats! Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham make EXCITING family announcement

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Love Island's Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham have welcomed a new family member!

They've met the parents, moved in together and paraded their love at every event going. So, it was only a matter of time until Dani and Jack took the next big step and started a family.

Dani introduced the latest addition to the Dyer-Fincham clan on social media with an adorable post. Sandy is the pair's new Bulldog puppy, and she's absolutely gorgeous.

jack fincham and his new dog
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In the photo, Jack is proudly holding up his pretty pet pooch while pouting at the camera. Dani has sweetly and succinctly captioned it: "My heart ♡"

Out hearts can't handle it either, Dani!

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Danny Dyer'sdaughter explained: "I've called the dog Sandy, because I'm Dani – from Grease – so I can sing the songs to her. I'm excited."

She also talked about her apprehension over getting a puppy, saying: "I haven't really had many dogs in my life. My dad was brought up with dogs around him and always wanted to have a dog. But, my mum never did, and she was like, "Don't get a dog," so I've always had that in my brain."

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The 7 cutest moments when Jack and Dani were the cutest couple ever

jack and dani hug love island1 of 7

1. When Jack consoled Dani

Dani felt so bad about choosing Samira and Alex as one of the least compatible couples in the villa. Viewers watched her collapse on the sofa in tears as she regretted her decision, saying how much she loved Samira and didn't want her to leave. Jack was right beside her giving her a cuddle and reassuring her to not feel bad about the decision. Bless them both...

jack and dani hideaway2 of 7

2. When Jack and Dani slept in the Hideaway

OF COURSE the loved-up pair were chosen by their fellow housemates to spend an evening together in the hideaway. But what's more, Jack is continuously respectful of Dani wanting to take it slow, saying "no funny business though, but it'll be nice just to be on my own with her, and just chill out and have a laugh really. Just me and Dani.." Could they BE any cuter?

jack dani breakfast love island3 of 7

3. When Jack cooked Dani breakfast

Jack got up extra early the morning after spending the night in The Hideaway, just to make Dani a super special breakfast. He brought it into The Hideaway's private terrace and treated her to some toast, al fresco. AWWWW.

jack dani date4 of 7

4. When they went on a date on the beach

Dani and Jack's first official date was a romantic stroll on the beach and a dip in the sea. They grew so much closer on this date, discussing their families and how they wanted to meet each other's. Dani said, "You can meet my family and all. That sounds scary!", before adding: "I think they'd like you, just carry on being you and being lovely."

jack dani snog love island5 of 7

5. When they snogged for the first time

Dani is taking it really slow in the villa, so much so that she wouldn't even snog Jack for the first week of coupling up with him. She'd kiss him on the lips, but no tongues allowed. It was such a sweet moment when the pair had their first proper smooch - Jack was over the moon!

jack dani bed love island6 of 7

6. When they cuddle every morning before getting up

Whilst this may be an ongoing moment, it is ridiculously cute to watch sleepy Dani and Jack cuddling in bed every morning, cocooned in a haze of love! We're starry eyed...

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend7 of 7

7. When Jack asked Dani to be his girlfriend

It doesn't get much cuter than when Jack took Dani aside and asked her to be his girlfriend. We knew it was coming for a while but that didn't stop us crying at how lovely it was. #Janiforever

jack and dani

She then added: "Whereas Jack's always had a dog, and kept saying: "It'll make me so happy Dan." And you know when they put on the puppy eyes, and then he was like: "Can you come with me to look at a dog?"

The lovely news comes a week after Dani launched her new InTheStyle clothing range with her former Love Island pals, including Jack's ex girlfriend Ellie Jones.

We can't wait for these guys to post more photos of their new pooch!

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