Dan Osborne: ‘I shouldn’t have been staying at my ex’s house while with Jacqueline’

He was left mortified and facing a police investigation when tapes leaked of him threatening his ex, and now Dan Osborne has shed light on the matter - explaining why he said the things he did.


by Ellie Hooper |
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In an interview with a UK magazine last week, Dan revealed the truth about THOSE cheating rumours, and has now set the record straight on other parts of the embarrassing tape.

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During one piece of leaked audio, Dan can be heard telling Megan that his relationship and unborn child with Jacqueline were a ‘mistake,’ something which he now admits was ‘the worst thing I said on that tape.’

The worst thing on the other tape being where he threatens to stab his ex girlfriend in the vagina, just so we all remember.

‘I never meant it’ Dan asserts. ‘We’d just found out Jacqueline was pregnant and I’d just told Megan. I was just telling Megan things she wanted to hear.’

Osborne, who has been dropped from TOWIE after the audio clips were leaked, also admitted he feared losing girlfriend Jacqueline, 22, due to his actions.

‘I shouldn’t have been staying at my ex’s house [while with Jacqueline], but I was only there for Teddy because I wanted to see him everyday,’ Dan explained.

For now though, things to be back on the straight and narrow for Dan and Jac, who welcomed their first child, baby Ella, three months ago.

‘I’ve moved into Jacqueline’s house…in a couple of years we’ll buy a bigger house together’ Dan revealed, while also adding that he’d be ‘a lucky man to marry’ the EastEnders actress.

Watch this space then guys.

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