Coleen Nolan sees her sister Linda Nolan’s facelift for the first time LIVE on Loose Women


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The sisters were kept apart backstage

In January, singer and actress Linda Nolan made the decision to have a facelift.

After years of feeling unhappy with her appearance, she took the plunge and booked in for the cosmetic surgery.

Linda, 57, appeared on Loose Women this morning to reveal her brand new face to her sister, panellist Coleen Nolan - who hasn't seen her since she had it done!

The sisters were separated backstage to make sure that they didn't see each other before the grand reveal.

Linda was incredibly happy with her surgery (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Coleen, 51, was already sat on the panel with a blindfold on when her sister came onto the stage. The other panellists showered her with compliments, telling her she looked beautiful - and she turned to her blindfolded sister and said: "Well you look ridiculous!"

Coleen shot back at her sister, jokingly saying: "I'll tell you the truth..."

Coleen was blindfolded so that the surprise wasn't ruined (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

The sisters both said how they were nervous as the blindfold was removed, and Coleen took her time in turning to her sister, checking her hair before Kaye pushed her: "Look at her!"

Coleen did a huge gasp, and speechlessly stared at her sister before saying: "WOW you look fabulous!"

They both burst out laughing and had a quick hug.

The CBB 2017 winner seemed happy for her sister (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

The panellist told her sister she looked "fabulous", to which Linda said: "I know!", getting a laugh from the audience.

She continued: "I'm thrilled with the results!"

Coleen then seemed worried for her sister, saying: "I didn't like looking at you like that!", referring to the video which had shown Linda's surgery journey.

Linda explained: "I came on the show just after you went into the Big Brother house. I was frightened that you would try and talk me out of it."

Coleen said: "I would have!"

A before and after shot of Linda (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

To which Linda replied: "I know but I didn't want you to because it was for me, I'd thought long and hard about it. And it was amazing yeah, five and a half hours of surgery. I was sedated."

Linda then explained that she had decided to get the procedure after feeling that years of grief had left her looking old and tired. During the five hour facelift, Linda was awake but sedated.

She then described the surgery: "I had a lower facelift with extreme skin peel and they did a little bit of laser surgery round my eyes.

"I'm definitely the younger sister now!"

A video was shown of Linda's surgery journey, which considered her sister (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Linda was asked whether she had any low points after the surgery, and said: "No, just the second day we just hadn't got the pain medication right and I was frightened to take too much so I had a little pain the next day but then I knew it was going to be sore.

"They told me my ears were really sore because that's where they put the skin behind and that's where the scars are.

"I'm thrilled about my neck, that's what I wanted and my jowls have gone."

She went on to explain that she felt she could now move on with her life after her years of grief, saying: "I knew that when I decided about the facelift I knew that that wasn't going to... You have to be right inside your head before you get the outside right.

"And that's why I waited for quite a while and I do feel more confident and I've been for a couple of auditions and I got both the jobs and I think that is the confidence as well."

We say, good on you Linda!

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery? Was there a reason behind it? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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