Coleen Nolan once fell asleep whilst using a sex toy

The Loose Women ladies are certainly NOT shy when it comes to talking about their personal lives but this admission has us all flustered…

Coleen Nolan Loose Women

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During a Loose Women chat about ITV’s Brief Encounters, a new drama focusing on the lives of Ann Summers workers during the 1980’s, the ladies discuss the use of sex toys to spice up their sex lives.

Speaking about the now infamous Ann Summer’s parties, Coleen admitted that she had never been to one BUT she had tried one of their most popular sex toys, The Rampant Rabbit.

Coleen Nolan Loose Women

However, her experience with the vibrator wasn’t really one to write home about.


Because she fell asleep whilst she was using it!

As the audience erupts with laughter, Coleen explained the incident: "My friend got me one as a present. Weird friend. Anyway this one night me and Ray had a bit of a row, I went into the spare room and got a bit friendly.

"What happened was and I'm not joking at all, I fell asleep. Because I had a couple of glasses of wine."

Fellow panellist, Andrea McLean then asked Coleen if the toy was still going while she was asleep.

Coleen Nolan Loose Women

She replied: "Well what was annoying was it was the buzzing that woke me up."

You can watch her admission in full HERE:

We love our Loose ladies and their antics.

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