Christine McGuinness posts about ‘being broken’ amid Paddy ‘split’ rumours

'There is only one thing I want to make clear right now...'

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by Ben Pulsford |

We appear to have an update on those circulating Christine and Paddy McGuinness 'split' rumours (coincidentally in the same week that Christine's paperback autobiography hits the shelves - just saying).

Earlier this week, Closer reported that former Real Housewives Of Cheshire star, Christine had jetted off with a group of girlfriends – including fellow The Games contestant Chelcee Grimes – for some sun, sea and sightseeing in Croatia. Christine looked relaxed, happy and stress-free as she let her hair down on her girls' trip, telling fans she was “loving every second”.

While Christine was away, Paddy updated his social media followers on how he was coping parenting the kids without his wife, calling himself their “skivvy”. Despite the jovial content, Paddy's followers were left concerned when they noticed that Paddy's tattoo tribute to Christine – a heart on his wedding finger – had been removed, sparking serious speculation over their marriage.

Since Paddy's Instagram Story post (which has now expired), tongues have been wagging, with many speculating that the couple – who have three children together; twins Leo and Penelope, eight, and Felicity, six – were on the rocks. Some social media speculators took the combination of Christine's solo holiday and Paddy's apparent tattoo removal as an indication that the couple had secretly split. We have to say – and we've written about a fair few celebrity couple separations in our time – sometimes, the most obvious answer is, sadly, the right one.

With that being said, Christine has given us further info - albeit cryptic Instagram nonsense.

Christine appears to have publicly addressed the rumours via her Instagram Story. As with most dramatic celebrity social posts, a fair amount of reading between the lines is required, but again, we've been doing this a long time.

For starters, Christine shared several inspirational memes. The first read, "Talk about trust before you talk about love."

The second read, "Look at you rising up, completely re-creating yourself, making positive choices, thinking new thoughts, creating new habits and stepping into a life that actually lights you up. You're glowing, girl."

We know, we know; it's a little 'Live, Laugh, Love', but apply the words to this week's rumours and it sure paints a picture.

Christine also addressed her feelings in her own words, claiming that she hasn't been sleeping well this week, writing, "Tired mama... it's been a week."

She continued, "Sorry about the lack of energy, guys. I'll be back lively tomorrow when Ma's going to a ball ✌️Can't wait 😃 I need music, dancing and laughter 💃."

Christine concluded her barrage of cryptic posts, by writing a message regarding the press she has received this week (hiya), saying, "This year I met the most broken version of me, but also the strongest.

"Regarding the press..

"There is only one thing I want to make clear right now... I didn't put us in this situation."

As things stand, the couple have not made a definitive statement about the current status of their relationship.

The showbiz couple – who married in 2011 – got candid earlier this year in a documentary called Our Family And Autism – and shared the realities and struggles of life as parents raising autistic children.

Christine has previously opened up about how her autism has held her back – saying she’s struggled to make friends all her life and has sometimes not wanted to leave the house.

But, speaking to Closer ahead of ITV’s The Games in May, she revealed she had a newfound confidence, saying that taking part in the show – and doing something for herself – had made her the happiest she’d been in years.

She said, “I’ve never done more than three days away from the children before. This has honestly been so lovely for me. I’d really like to continue working, socialising, getting to know more girls. This is honestly the most I’ve felt like I’ve had friends. It’s been so nice.”

Christine also revealed that she spends almost 100 per cent of her time at home, saying that Top Gear presenter Paddy – who was embroiled in drama in 2018 when he was papped getting close to All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, which Christine has said left her feeling “physically sick” – is often away for long stints at a time presenting.

And a source now says that Christine’s experience on The Games and new friendships have left her wanting to live life differently going forward.

The source says, “Of course Christine’s number one priority will always be her kids and family. But recently, she’s been feeling far happier and relaxed, and that seems to be down to finding a better balance in her life. She absolutely loved her time on The Games, being able to be independent, socialise and spend time with new people who really made her feel amazing. And her trip away with Chelcee gave her a totally new lease of life.

“She’s realised that in order to feel happier and more fulfilled, she needs some time for herself too – and Paddy understands that and knows there may have to be some more flexibility with work schedules going forward. He just wants her to be happy so that they can thrive in their marriage and be the best parents they can be.”

Paddy last made reference to his marriage on Twitter earlier this week, tweeting about a recent vehicular experience on Top Gear - and comparing it to his honeymoon. He wrote, "Honeymoon aside, best five seconds of my life! Thanks for the love. We're currently filming the new series and we'll be back later this year!"

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