Chrissy Teigen shows off her stretch marks and fans loved it

'My thighs have tributaries'

chrissy teigen stretch marks

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Chrissy Teigen may be a gorgeous supermodel and married to one of the world’s hottest musicians but she lets us into her ‘normal’ life with John Legend and we absolutely love her for it.

In the past she’s been open about her fertility struggles, weight gain and cravings for real food like burgers and cake. Now she’s flaunting an enviable post-baby body that happens to have a few stretch marks.

A REAL woman with REAL stretch marks shouldn’t be headline news in 2016 but when it’s a model and TV personality from looks-obsessed Hollywood, the story is actually quite ground breaking.

The 30-year-old posted a clip on Snapchat with a screaming emoji and the caption: “lol my thighs have tributaries.”

chrissy teigen stretch marks

These Snapchat pics aren’t the first time Chrissy has shared a close-up of her stretch marks. But they’ve certainly won over her supporters and earned scores of new fans.

Followers have said:

“when @chrissyteigen posts her stretch marks and you feel so much better about yours, because she's still a v beautiful person inside and out”

“@chrissyteigen thank you for posting pics of your stretch marks on snapchat. It makes me feel normal bc I got them bad when I was pregnant”

“@chrissyteigen on behalf of all women thank you for showing us you are human & have stretch marks!!”

Stretch marks or not – the Sports Illustrated beauty has hit the streets in a few revealing outfits this summer and we think she looks fabulous.

Like a lot of new mums, Chrissy has been watching loads of bad TV and took to Twitter to joke about driving John mad with her Olympics commentary.

Baby Luna’s celebrity star continues to rise. Now four months old, she’s looking cuter than ever in her own Instagram video.

Chrissy has previously hit out at the 'photoshopping' trend and gone one step further with these intimate shots. We applaud her for helping new mums embrace their body, however it’s changed.

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