Lockdown surgery! Is Chloe Sims a victim of shock new trend?

As Chloe Sims sparks concern with her latest transformation, an expert sheds light on why the Coronavirus restrictions have made so many stars want more work done

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She’s one of the longest-running members of the TOWIE cast, having first hit TV screens in 2011. But over the years, viewers have noticed Chloe Sims’ drastically changing face – and a picture of her last week sparked more shock from fans.

One wrote, “What has Chloe done to her face?” while another said, “Has she had even more work done? She looks so different!”

chloe sims
Chloe at the NTAs in 2020 ©Getty Images

The star, 38, has previously admitted to having Botox, facial fillers and teeth veneers, as well as two boob jobs and two Brazilian bum lifts – and has previously said she finds Botox “addictive”, adding, “Nobody ages any more! If Kim K isn’t ageing, then no one else wants to these days.”

Now cosmetic practitioners across the UK have reported a surge in requests for consultations this year. Since the first UK lockdown began in March, Save Face – a UK government-approved register of cosmetic professionals – has seen a 40 per cent increase in traffic to its website, with people researching treatments before going on to find their local practitioners.

chloe sims
She looked very different in 2011 ©Getty Images

It’s even caused those in the industry to coin the term “lockdown face” to describe the shocking new trend – a result, they believe, of people spending more time looking at their own face during video calls or poring over appearance hang-ups while in isolation at home.

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Olivia Attwood, Abbie Holborn, Chloe Ferry surgery

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Olivia Attwood: ‘I’ll be honest if I’ve had something done’

The Love Island star, 29, has defended her right to do precisely as she pleases when it comes to changing her looks.She told Closer in October, "I get comments saying, 'Oh, you looked so young on Love Island'. And I'm like, 'Yeah, I did it four years ago'. A lot's happened in four years. Everyone's way too bothered in 2020 about what other people are doing. I'm not hurting anyone and I'm not hurting myself, so it's not really up for discussion. "But I like to be honest if I've had something done. I wasn't born like this – with my lips and my boobs. I know my followers respect my transparency and I think that's a much healthier approach."

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Abbie Holborn: ‘I’ve had surgery to keep up with the others’

Abbie, now 23, joined Geordie Shore three years ago and, like her fellow co-stars, was soon swept into the surgery craze. Last year she told Closer, "When I joined the show, I'd had a little bit of lip filler but nothing else. Everyone else on the show looked so good, and I wanted to look like them. You need to look good when you're on TV, so no wonder so many TV stars get filler. "The harsh reality is, the better you look, the more attention you get, the more likes you get and the more work you get. I've had surgery and filler to keep up with the others. Everyone looks so good on Instagram these days and it's really competitive."

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Chloe Ferry: ‘I’ll do whatever makes me happy’

The long-time Geordie Shore star, 25, admitted in 2016 that she was "addicted" to surgery, adding, "I used to be ugly. Before Geordie Shore I could never afford to get anything changed, so now I've got the money, I'll do whatever makes me happy."While she vowed not to have any more surgery earlier this year, Chloe had her third boob job in September and told Closer, "I had another boob job because my boobs were out of proportion. I'm happy with myself now, and I don't think I'll get more surgery, but who knows. I do get down days about my body, like anyone. I just want to meet a nice lad."

And cosmetic practitioner Amar Suchde, of AMS Cosmetics, says he’s definitely noticed the increase in requests, and reveals that celebs are the most likely to be indulging in facial tweaks.

He says, “I’ve had an influx of requests for cosmetic procedures – specifically anti-wrinkle treatments – in the last few months. Clients have said they’ve noticed something they’re not happy with after being on video calls, and now want to change it. I think lockdown has definitely driven a rise in these requests.

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“Now, there’s even more pressure on celebs especially – they are exposed to their own image much more, due to being on TV and having their career built on how they look on social media. This year, many of the celebs’ main line of work has been promoting products on Instagram through pictures or videos – which are all about how they look. And they’ll see themselves on screen and think, ‘I want to change that’, or ‘That needs to look better’. I’ve had clients who have felt like they need a treatment so that they’ll get more TV work or paid Instagram posts. Their entire career relies on their looks and they want perfection.”

“Repeatedly getting more and more procedures can leave you in a place where you don’t know when to stop. Not only can this leave you constantly unhappy with how you look and always thinking about the next procedure, but it can result in you ruining your looks, and making your face or body out of proportion and unnatural. It can also cripple you financially. The best thing to do is to speak to someone – friends, family or a therapist – if you feel like you could be getting addicted.”

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