Celeb kids who are the spitting image of their folks

Celeb kids who are the spitting image of their parents

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Most of us look a little bit like one of our parents, but these kids are total dopplegangers of their celeb mums and dads.

More than just having dad's nose or mum's chin, these guys are the spitting image of their 'rents - you'd be forgiven for taking a triple look to make sure you've not stepped back in time!

With such strong superstar genes running in these familes, it's now wonder that a lot of the kids are growing up to become stars in their own right...


Celeb kids who are the spitting image of their folks

Celeb kids Jennifer Lopez1 of 26
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Jennifer Lopez

Here's a fresh faced 'Jenny from the block' in 1999 with deep, dark eyes and tumbling locks against her Latin olive hued skin.

Celeb kids Jennifer Lopez and Emme2 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

J Lo's daughter, Emme

And here's her 9 year old daughter Emme, who we'd describe in the exact same way. That smile is identical too!

Celeb kids lookalike Gary Barlow3 of 26
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Gary Barlow

Here's a young Gary Barlow during '90s-era Take That. We'd notice that cheeky boyband grin, floppy hair and chiselled jaw anywhere.

Celeb kids lookalike Gary Barlow and Daniel4 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Gary's son, Daniel

Identical 17 year old son Daniel has all the makings of a '90s boyband member, except with much better hair...!

Celeb kids lookalikes Kim Marsh5 of 26
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Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh was a mum of two kids when she won a place in Hear'Say on TV talent show Popstars. TV talent was always bound to run in the family...

Celeb kids lookalike Kim Marsh and Emilie6 of 26
CREDIT: Twitter

Kym's daughter, Emilie

And proving she has the exact same star quality as her mum, 20 year old doppleganger daughter Emiliewas a contestant on The Voice in 2015 - just to confuse us all.

Celeb kids lookalikes Reese Witherspoon7 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon - the woman who defies time and gravity with that beaming 1000-watt smile, luminous skin and bouncing, blonde hair.

Celeb kids lookalikes Reese Witherspoon and Ava8 of 26
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Reese's daughter, Ava

So it's no wonder that she looks like 20 year old daughter Ava's twin sister. Right down to their tumbling curls, it's SCARY how much these two look alike.

Celeb kids lookalikes Will Smith9 of 26
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Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the coolest celeb dads around, right? How many other kids can say their dad fought aliens in Men in Black and Independence Day?!

Celeb kids lookalikes Will Smith and Jaden10 of 26
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Will's son, Jaden

Jaden Smith is set to become just as big a star as his dad, which is probably thanks to inheriting his good looks, cool style and, of course, those adorable ears!

Celeb kids lookalikes Kris Jenner11 of 26
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Kris Jenner

The world's most famous momager and head of the Kardashian klan, Kris Jenner has given all her girls the good Jenner genes.

Celeb kids lookalikes Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner12 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Kris' daughter, Kendall

But it's Kendall who we think is the spitting image of her mum, especially with the shared heart-face shape and low set brows.

Celeb kids lookalikes Bradley Walsh13 of 26
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Bradley Walsh

Here's our favourite cheeky chappy early on in his presenting career with some seriously questionable highlights and suspiciously tanned skin. But we think this young Bradley Walsh is the spitting image of his son in the next photo.

Celeb kids lookalikes Bradley Walsh and Barney14 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Bradley's son, Barney

See! Ok, so 20 year old Barney hasn't copied the dodgy highlights but he has the EXACT same face and cheeky smile. Even both their names begin with a 'B' and end in a 'Y' - SPOOKY.

Celeb kids lookalikes Tish Cyrus15 of 26
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Tish Cyrus

American actress, producer and wife of Billy Rae Cyrus, Tish Cyrus is a Deep South beauty with some serious country glamour.

Celeb kids lookalikes Tish Cyrus and Miley16 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Tish's daughter, Miley

She is also, of course, the mamma to mega popstar Miley Cyrus. There's no denying the uncanny resemblance - whether they're wearing their golden locks in glamorous waves or country girl pigtails!

Celeb kids lookalikes Madonna17 of 26
CREDIT: Shutterstock


Madonna needs no introduction. Her face is as iconic as her music and controversial performances. Any offspring of Madge's was always bound to carry that superstar gene.

Celeb kids lookalikes Madonna and Lourdes18 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Madonna's daughter, Lourdes

It's all in the eyebrows! Those bushy beauties are EXACTLY the same as her mums, along with the heart face shape and general 'I don't give a damn' attitude.

Celeb kids lookalikes Johnny Vegas19 of 26
CREDIT: Twitter

Johnny Vegas

One of our favourite comedians and star of Benidorm, Johnny Vegas is a cuddly Northern cutie who makes us laugh our heads off. He must be on the the funniest dads around, right?

Celeb kids lookalikes Johnny Vegas and Michael20 of 26
CREDIT: Twitter

Johnny's son, Michael

HOW CUTE IS THIS PHOTO? Michael is Johnny's teenage son with the same cheeky chops, eyes and smile. We can't cope!

Celeb kids lookalikes Prince William21 of 26
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Prince William

We've gone way back to when Prince William was a wee boy for this one. That blonde hair, chubby cheeks and impressive outfit...

Celeb kids lookalikes Prince William and Prince George22 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Prince William's son, Prince George

We've been transported back in time right? Or we're seeing things? Or super posh people just look like each other? There's no explanation for why Princes George and William are the same little human.

Celeb kids lookalikes Sam Faiers and Sue Wells23 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Sam Faiers & Sue Wells

We've gone for a triple generation thing here! Sue Wells is the mum of TOWIE and Mummy Diaries star Sam Faiers, and boy does she have the same smile, toned bod and serious tan.

Celeb kids lookalikes Sam Faiers and Rosie24 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Sam's daughter, Rosie

And the family story continues with little Rosie who, although only six months old, is set to be a little stunner just like Sam with those blue eyes and already-perfect pout.

Celeb kids lookalikes John Bishop25 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

John Bishop

Another comedian (they must have strong genes!) to make the list. John Bishop's toothy smile is nearly as big as his hilarious personality.

Celeb kids lookalikes John Bishop and three sons26 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram,

John Bishop's sons, Joe, Luke and Daniel

John has no less than three young doppelgangers: Joe, Luke and Daniel. They all share that dishevelled, long haired look with those pearly gnashers that unmistakably belong to the Bishops.

What do you think? Have you spotted any other celebrity kids who look like their parents? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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