Gary Barlow’s son is the SPITTING IMAGE of Gary in his early Take That days


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Gary Barlow has shared a rare photo of his eldest son, Daniel, who turned 17 yesterday - and fans are literally SHAKEN by how much he looks like his famous dad.

Gary, 46, has four children with his wife of 17 years Dawn - who was a backing dancer for Take That back in the 90s - and the musician shared a photo with his son to commemorate his birthday.

But fans could not BELIEVE how much Daniel looked like his old man, especially from his younger days.

Gary posted this photo with Daniel (Credit: Instagram/ Gary Barlow) ©Instagram/ Gary Barlow

Whilst many comments wished Daniel a happy birthday, there were an overwhelming majority of people who were literally gobsmacked by the resemblance.

The comments read: "HE LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE YOU DID AT THAT AGE," "Looks so like you Gary at that age!" and "Chip off the old block."

Another noticed that Daniel's looks harkened back to Gary's early popstar days: "Just like you Gary when you first started out in Take That," whilst another was in shock: "Holy crap I thought that was you from the 90s."

Daniel and Gary do look pretty similar! (Credit: Instagram/ Gary Barlow & Getty Images) ©Instagram/ Gary Barlow

We have to say, it's a pretty close match!

Of course, none of this is surprising in the slightest - as he is his actual father - but it's always fun to see how much celebrities' kids look like them at the height of their fame.

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And Gary was a mere 19-years-old when he first started out in Take That - only two years older than Daniel is now.

As Gary is a fiercely private person, it's nice to see this rare glimpse into his family life.

He recently posted these photos with his wife and daughter (Credit: Instagram/ Gary Barlow) ©Instagram/ Gary Barlow

He also recently shared a beautiful photo of himself with his family on Father's Day, and another with his wife and daughter Emily at the Olivier Awards in April.

Gary and his family on Father's Day (Credit: Instagram/ Gary Barlow) ©Instagram/ Gary Barlow

What a lovely family!

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