I’m A Celeb: 13 reasons we wish Joel Dommett was King of the jungle

Joel, don't leave! Just one more shower...

Joel Dommett

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I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! is an emotional rollercoaster.

Although it started off with us only having a vague clue about the participants, we've watched them for an hour almost every single day for the last three weeks.

We've gotten to know each and every campmate as well as if they were our own family. Hands up who else was devastated that Larry left?

It was almost as tough a blow as when Carol was booted out. We were not prepared for it.

And NOW we have to deal with even more emotional turmoil as Joel left the jungle last night. We're not sure how much more we can take, although he did at least make the final.

In an attempt to soothe our broken hearts, we've pulled together some of Joel's best moments in the jungle – basically all the reasons we wish he was staying. Oh, life is hard.

1) He's very observant about his campmates

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett ©ITV

Although he's the "funny man", Joel is actually super intelligent and notices things about the others. He could see STRAIGHT through Martin, after he said to the Bush Telegraph: "Martin can say something and he has no idea that what he said had no tact, bless his little 53 stroke 13-year-old heart." Even though he's saying something slightly harsh (but true), he still tries to be nice to him!

2) His quick wit

We have LOVED witnessing the bromance that blossomed almost immediately between Joel and Adam Thomas. There's been almost a sort of sibling rivalry between them both, each trying to outdo the other. But the moment when Sam, Joel, Adam and Wayne were talking about the one time Adam had made the front page of a newspaper – for kissing actress and former I'm A Celebrity star Helen Flanagan – Joel straight away came out with: "Did she immediately scream I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?" OOOOOH.

3) When he wasn't afraid to let his emotions get the better of him

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett ©ITV

When Jordan had his shock-exit, everyone burst into tears. And when we say everyone, we're talking about both in the jungle, and in every living room in the UK. Even the man-god Larry Lamb. Sam was a bit surprised, saying: "Don't get me wrong I love Jordan but the boys have taken it hard and are all crying." Joel was interviewed by the Bush Telegraph, and with wobbling bottom lip said: "Damn you ITV ...making me so emotional, it's so stupid, I will see him in a few days." Don't worry Joel, WE FEEL THE SAME.

4) When he confirmed he was our one true love by having an in-depth knowledge of Kylie's musical career


Joel and Sam were in the horrendous bushtucker trial, Wicked Windmill, which involved them both being strapped to the arms of a windmill and swung round, whilst having bugs dropped on them. If that wasn't quite enough torture, they then had to answer questions about Australia AND THEN catch stars. One of the hardest ones yet, we reckon. But the speed with which Joel was able to CORRECTLY answer the question: "Which year did Kylie Minogue's single 'Spinning Around' come out?" (2000, in case you were wondering), made us admire him even more.

5) When he was respectful towards Larry

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett ©ITV

He was required to fulfil some "secret missions" with the help of Carol. One of these missions was to casually call Larry "sweetcheeks", and also convince two other campmates to do it too, but without him realising what was going on. Joel said: "It was hard because Larry Lamb is like the godfather and should have a name like 'the legend' or 'man of the mount' not 'sweetcheeks – it's slightly demeaning." You tell 'em, Joel.

6) When he was crude about Carol

As part of ANOTHER of the secret missions, Joel and Carol were asked to convince some of the other campmates that they both fancied each other. Joel "confided" in Wayne, who was well into it and encouraged him to make a move. Joel quipped: "I could put my consonant in her vowel." Ew, Joel. Ew.

7) When he made an effort to impress the public

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett ©ITV

It was the day of the second vote, and Joel thought he'd try and make a bit of an effort with his appearance, saying: "It's the second vote off today, so I thought I should make myself look cool. I made a small effort this morning and I discovered that, just because you don't have any hair wax in here, I thought I'm going to think outside the box – and outside of the box was a shave stick I used on my hair." It's innovative thinking like this that has made our hearts brim with love.

8) When he channelled Patrick Swayze


Joel bonded with Ola when she decided to try and teach Joel how to dance. She started off easy (PAH), and they gave it a go with the moves from Dirty Dancing – including the iconic lift. As they did the lift, Joel started to sing: 'I've Had The Time Of My Life'. We just wished we could swap places with Ola. Not into the jungle. Just in Joel's arms.

9) When he told it like it is

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett ©ITV

Joel and Martin have gotten on really well whilst they were both in the jungle, but Joel still wasn't afraid to say the truth: "Martin is one of the least appreciative people I've ever met, I love him even though he is fresh out of playgroup." Even though he's saying something a bit mean, he can't help but say something nice too! What a sweetie.

10) When he was candid about his catfishing

Now, we've had a lot of admissions of truth over the last few weeks. Some confessions have been juicier than others, but Joel telling his campmates about his catfishing experience just took the biscuit. When Wayne asked Adam if he'd ever took a picture of his privates, Adam said no. Scarlett then asked Joel if he had, and he said: "Yes, it's easy to find on the internet – I was catfished." CUE SHOCKED GASPS. He continued: "Basically someone messaged me online and after a while she said did you want skype sex, so I was like yes, I was so naive."

"I messaged a few weeks later and she didn't reply, and then a few years later the video was released online – it was released about a week before I came in here. I thought I was having skype sex with someone but it was actually a video and it turned out it was someone watching me, watching porn, like a porno Gogglebox." said Joel. Poor old Joel!

11) When his abs made him second favourite to win

i'm a celebrity joel dommett

In the moment that Joel took his clothes off to have a shower in one of the first few shows, there was a collective gasp of wonderment around the country. No – the WORLD. Even Adam couldn't hide his surprise/admiration/jealousy: "Joel looks like Popeye when he's had a bowl of spinach! Blooming heck." After this, his odds to win took a massive drop, with a rep from Betway saying: "The shortening of Dommett's odds is the most drastic I can remember in I'm A Celebrity history!"

12) When he smashed the Great Ascent trial for his campmates even though he's terrified of heights

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett ©ITV

In the first ep of this year's I'm A Celeb, we saw some of the participants take part in the Bushtucker trial, 'Walk The Plank'. This involved some of the celebs at the top of a 32-storey building. Already sounds nasty, doesn't it. But THEN they had to walk to the end of a 10m long platform and count. It was here that we realised Joel is absolutely TERRIFIED of heights. So when he then had to participate in the 'Great Ascent' Bushtucker trial, we were not feeling hopeful for the comedian. However – he proved us wrong, climbed all over that thing and got 100% of the stars! All for his campmates – or "fam", as he called them.

##13) When Joel comforted Martin

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett ©ITV

Joel showed his caring side when he noticed that Martin was sat on his own. He went and sat next to him and had a little chat to cheer him up. They were talking about whether Martin and Danny were fitting into the group, having come in later on than the others, to which Joel said: "At first it was a bit shaky, like going to a new school, we were a family who were so close as a group, but we're not in any way closed off – you guys have fitted in wonderfully, you've made us richer as a group." said Joel.

We just can't believe he's gone. Sob.

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