I’m A Celeb: So long Larry Lamb! Here’s 10 reasons why he’ll always be our jungle King…

How much do we love Larry Lamb? Let us count the ways…

Larry Lamb

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Larry Lamb has officially left the jungle, becoming the sixth celebrity to succumb to the I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! public vote.


We're, quite literally, heartbroken.

Larry Lamb

Best known for playing evil Archie Mitchell in EastEnders, and Mick Shipman in Gavin and Stacey there is waaaaay more to our Larry than meets the eye. And boy did he prove it whilst in the jungle!

The silver fox and devilishly handsome 69-year-old actor captured the nation's hearts in this series of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! and played a vital figure in camp life. Who got the fire going on the first night? Larry. Who saved Scarlett Moffatt from being being eaten by crocodiles? Larry.

He automatically become the camp's father figure, a shoulder (and sometimes lap) to cry on and was never afraid to dish out some home truths to people who deserved it.

Larry admitted that this experience has 'made him a better person' and he will never ever forget the relationships he made with 'people he now calls family'.

Here's some of his finest moments:

10. He was our hero from the very start

As soon as Scarlett and Larry touched down on the jungle floor and took park in the daunting canoe challenged, he put on his cape and soon became a hero.

From teaching her how to canoe to rescuing her from the water when she revealed she couldn't swim (wah), Larry came to the rescue.

We all need a Larry in our lives.

9. Those glasses

We've always had a crush on Larry (duh!) but when he wears those tortoiseshell glasses, he becomes even more enchanting.

8. His volatile relationship with Martin Roberts

Larry and Martin came to blows in the jungle and it was hard to watch - mainly because the things they were arguing over were silly things like straws or fishing...

But you've got to hand it to him, he didn't like the guy and he admitted it. At least he was honest.

7. Fancy a ticket to the Larry Lamb gun show?


Not content with just showing off his very, very impressive guns/arm muscles - Larry delighted his fellow campmates and viewers with his incredible party trick - tensing his muscles in time to music.

It's genuinely mesmerising.

6. He wasn't afraid to show his tearful side

Our hearts ached when he teared up as Diversity dancer Jordan Banjo left the jungle, revealing that 'he was just such a special guy' and 'all of them feel like my own children'.


5. His fascinating stories kept us enthralled

Larry wasn't afraid of letting it all out in the jungle, telling his jungle pals all about his colourful and extremely eventful life.

From opening up about marriage, children and his upbringing, no one told a story quite as well as Larry.

During a heart-to-heart with fellow jungle campmate Wayne Bridge, Larry revealed that he was the product of a one-night stand.

He explained: "I grew up in North London but my parents were just... unbelievable.

"They met at a party, and 9 months later to the day, I was born."

Larry Lamb

He then disclosed even more about his upbringing: "They fought for the first 9 years of my life, and then my mother took my baby sister and left, leaving my brother and me with my father.

"When it comes to what I've come through, I was product of two strangers who met and didn’t realise they were starting a family. It all went very wrong very quickly, and everyone involved has had a big price to pay."

4. Larry the caveman

Larry made sure the camp always ran like clockwork. A true camping champ.

2. He made Ant McPartlin's year

Ant was all of us when it came to Larry this year, right?

1. He's reminded us that age is just a number

Just like Carol Vorderman and her sassy IDGAF vibes, Larry taught many viewers back at home a very important lesson this year - that age is just a number.

Grab life by the balls, get stuck into everything and have no regrets!


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