Britain’s Got Talent SCANDAL as contestant is accused of cheating

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Britain's Got Talent has got to be one of our TV highlights. Every year we watch in awe as the show presents some of the most amazing, wacky and out of this world acts, and we can genuinely say we never know what to expect!

Although we’ve only been watching this year’s talented batch since Saturday, it has already caused shockwaves with one eight-year-old boy even mocking the judges and calling Amanda Holden a “dog”.


However, it looks like there’s even more controversy hot on the heels of the young boy’s joke – and we must say, the Britain’s Got Talent scandals are unravelling even quicker than any previous year.

If you saw the show this weekend, you might remember seeing Adam Keeler and his hilarious comedy dance routine. He managed to impress all four judges and Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alicia Dixion all gave him the thumbs up (and four yeses).

Simon went on to say that the performance was “really clever”, and David said he thought it was “brilliantly funny”.

But now 34-year-old Adam is in hot water because two well-known comedians are claiming that he ‘blatantly copied’ their act.

Raymond and Timpkins, who have been performing on the comedy circuit together for twenty years, were fuming as they watched Britain’s Got Talent.

They tweeted: “#BGT How clever of you all to put an act on that blatantly copies our set."

“#BGT Is it because we have consistently said "NO" to you??”

According to The Sun, the duo claim that producers from BGT have asked them to go on the show several times, and that they keep turning down the offer which they allege has prompted ITV to ‘copy’ their act.

“Either BGT have trawled the net to find someone willing to do our act for them in light of our constant refusals or Adam has seen our act, copied it badly and then decided to apply. Either way, neither comes out of this well,” they claim.

But in a twist of events, David Walliams seemed to nod in the direction of Raymond and Timpkins on Twitter, saying: “If you saw @BGT last night & liked the musical comedy act with the sign reading 'ME' see @raymondtimpkins live who did it first & funnier. (sic)”

Other comedians, including Jason Manford, also came forward to disapprove of Adam “totally lift an entire comedy routine.”

Adam denies the accusations, telling The Daily Mail: “I have never seen the Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue act so I can honestly say I've not copied it.”

BGT also said: “Adam came to audition for BGT off his own back. The Raymond and Mr Tompkins Revue have been invited to audition in the past but have never auditioned for the show. Any suggestion Adam was asked to audition with a similar act is completely incorrect.”

Every year the show is slammed with fix claims or accusations of copying – so now we know that this year is going to be no different!


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