8-year-old boy on Britain’s Got Talent calls Amanda Holden A DOG

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It takes a lot to shock us nowadays. We have seen everything, from our partner on a weekend away to Majorca with a stomach bug and one bathroom to a woman with an extreme addiction to tanning jabs.

You need to see it to believe it.

However, during last night's Britain's Got Talent we had to watch through or fingers as 8-year-old absolutely LAYED IN TO AMANDA HOLDEN.

He called the telly judge 'a dog' as part of his stand up comedy act, which was basically insulting each judge in turn. Even Ant and Dec got an insult.

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He said about Amanda, 'Why were people so excited by that talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent? Amanda Holden’s been on it for years.'


Fans were not happy, with some calling him a misogynist. One said, ‘I’m no Amanda Holden fan, but misogyny from an eight year old is not on!”

Amanda Holden later told The Sun, 'I don’t think that’s the right kind of humour to come out of a child’s mouth.'

'I wasn’t annoyed at the boy, I have got a sense of humour, but I think he should temper his act to his age.'

'I had words with his parents on the day. I don’t think any parent would let their child say that.'

Watch the video here:

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