Eek! Binky Felstead under fire for promoting babysitting app

Binky Felstead and baby India

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Binky Felstead has been criticised for promoting a babysitting app

Former Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead recently sparked an angry about co-sleeping following her latest family photo and now she's been slammed for promoting a babysitting app.

The mum-of-one shared a photo of herself and her daughter India and wrote alongside the image: "Finding great babysitters to look after our bubbas is tough... 💞 So Mums, check out the @bubblebabysittingapp I’ve been using it a lot recently – it’s been a saviour being a working mummy.

"All sitters on the app have passed a background check and you can see the sitters your friends use and their reviews from other parents.

"You can pick someone that's totally right for you and it’s cashless too, which I absolutely love. Search bubble babysitter in the app store 😘 "

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Binky Felstead and baby India
©Instagram / binkyfelstead

Although the 27-year-old star attempted to give other parents advice many were quick to question whether the app is safe, while others slammed her for promoting. One person wrote: "Would you honestly use this yourself @binkyfelstead never in a million years would I use an app and let a stranger look after my child. I don't think for a second you would either I'm also shocked at you advertising this how ever much money they offered you."

Someone else said: "I think this app is ridiculous surely no new mother would leave there child with a stranger I certainly wouldn’t"

Another commented: "I wouldn't leave my cats with a stranger let alone my child"

Binky Felstead baby India
©Instagram / binkyfelstead

A fourth said: "I wouldn’t dream of using an app to find someone to look after my children unsupervised. Quite irresponsible to be promoting this."

Another one of here followers argued: "This app is everywhere and the babysitters do not even have to have a DBS checks according to the FAQ on their site....very worrying that this is being promoted by someone in the public eye."

One more added: "I don't see how any parent would be so careless to use an app to acquire a babysitter for the most precious thing in their life. Shocked you're advertising this."

Binky Felstead Josh Patterson and India
©Instagram / binkyfelstead

However, some of the reality stars followers defended her, with one person saying: "Hmmm mummy police are out! Fully checked babysitters are just like leaving your child at nursery or with a child minder. Mamas have to work!"

Another added: "Judge judge judge judge judge! Everyone needs to get off their high horses and stop being so superior!"

One more argued: "Has anyone actually bothered to look at the app that Binky is promoting before judging?"

Binky Felstead Josh Patterson and baby India
©Instagram / binkyfelstead


On the Bubble Babysitting app, they've explained that all the babysitters are required to go through "an automated, real-time identity check which is run in the background while they complete the registration process."

They also explain what procedures they have to go through, "Sitters also have a background check run against criminal watchlists and undergo an adverse media check.

"Just to be clear, this Background Check is not a DBS/CRB check – it’s an additional check on top of any DBS that they claim to have."

However, they do make it clear that the babysitter can claim on their profile that they have a DBS however the company does not verify whether they're telling the truth. Although parents who use the service can "request the sitter to bring a copy with them."

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What do you think of the babysitting app? Have you ever used one? Or has anyone you know used one? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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