Ben Fogle defends letting his kids play with fire and knives


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TV adventurer Ben Fogle has explained his reasoning behind letting his young children play with dangerous objects

Ben Fogle is well-known for his adventurous escapades - after all, his career started when he appeared on Castaway 2000, which is basically the 2000 version of The Island with Bear Grylls.

And it turns out that the Countryfile presenter is bringing his kids up to be just as nature-loving and savvy with their survival skills as he is - but in a slightly dangerous-sounding way...

Ben's kids aren't afraid of a little fire... (Credit: Instagram/ Ben Fogle) ©Instagram/ Ben Fogle

The 43-year-old explained that he has let his two kids, Ludo, seven, and Iona, five, have knives "for years".

Ben, who married his wife Marina in 2006, explained: "My five and seven-year-old have got knives, whittling knives, they've got a sharp blade to whittle wood. They've had those for years now."


Ben, Marina and their children Ludo and Iona (Credit: Instagram/ Ben Fogle) ©Instagram/ Ben Fogle

And it doesn't stop there - the parents even their little ones play with FIRE. No, literally: "We make fire. They do everything. We treat them like grown-ups."

But remember, Ben is pretty much an expert when it comes to these sorts of things - and he's got a pretty good explanation to back himself up.

Ben's kids don't exactly do NORMAL kid stuff! (Credit: Instagram/ Ben Fogle) ©Instagram/ Ben Fogle

He said: "One of the reasons that we are all so obsessed with fire is that when we are children we're told to, 'stay clear of fire, don't take that match, fire is dangerous'.

"We have this slight fascination with it. But that's when problems come. Suddenly in later life, when you can start playing with fire, that's when all sorts of disasters happen."

Ludo and Iona have very enriched childhoods (Credit: Instagram/ Ben Fogle) ©Instagram/ Ben Fogle

The dad-of-two then added that exposing children to dangerous things at an early age will undoubtedly reduce their fascination with it later in life: "If you start from an early age and it doesn't become something unknown, it loses its lustre and suddenly fire is, 'whatever, I can start a fire by rubbing wood together, or with a match or a magnifying glass'. It loses its mystery."

He explained: "Children should take risks - my son loves playing with snakes - it's definitely something we encourage."

Blimey - we can't imagine letting our kids playing with snakes!

Would you let your children use knives or teach them how to make fire? Do you agree with Ben's reasoning? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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