Why does Ant McPartlin fear Lisa Armstrong’s next move?

ant mcpartlin fears lisa armstrong

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Ant McPartlin’s comeback is rocked as fans hit out over ‘digs’ he made about ex-wife Lisa

He praised his "wonderful" girlfriend of just eight months in a tell-all interview last week, crediting former PA Anne-Marie Corbett as having "saved him" amid a battle with alcohol dependency and painkiller addiction that resulted in his drink-drive arrest following a car crash last year.

But Ant McPartlin, 43, was slammed by fans after he failed to mention the support he'd had from his ex-wife Lisa Armstrong, 42, during their 24 years together.

And he was criticised in a flurry of tweets for appearing to make a dig about Lisa "liking" messages on social media, saying in the interview, "I've not been on social media or put any of my personal views out there.

"It's not my style."

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lisa armstrong and ant mcpartlin
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Days later, he was mired even deeper in controversy when he won Best Presenter at the National Television Awards alongside TV partner Dec Donnelly.

Even presenter Piers Morgan spoke out in support of Lisa, saying last week, "I think that there’s somebody else involved in all this, who is Lisa, who I know well, who I’d imagine is pretty hurt by it. I always find it funny when people say, 'I’ve never been happier,' when they’ve already been married for 20 years."

Following the drama, pals tell Closer magazine that Ant has struggled seeing Lisa – who has enjoyed huge success in her own career working as a make-up artist on Strictly and Britain’s Got Talent – being inadvertently thrust into the spotlight in January last year.

lisa armstrong and ant mcpartlin
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A source says, "Throughout their relationship Ant was always the star, and Lisa loyally stood by and supported him. She never sought the spotlight and was happy on the sidelines.

"But since news of their divorce, she has found herself catapulted into the limelight. Women are sending supportive Tweets and she’s being contacted for interviews, work offers and book deals.

"It’s a bit frustrating for Ant, because while he’d hoped life would quietly move on after their divorce, he worries Lisa’s new high-profile image and these comments from her fans will always be there, dragging up his past."

lisa armstrong and ant mcpartlin
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They added: "To make matters worse, he’s still reeling from the backlash from fans over his NTAs win with Dec. It seems as though many people are on Lisa’s side."

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Closer magazine
©Closer magazine

The insider continued and added: "Ant is desperate to leave the past behind, saying he’s in a better place, but the negative reaction has made him worry it might not be that simple. This hostile reaction has really taken him by surprise."

Lisa met Ant in 1994 on the Smash Hits tour – when she was part of pop group Deuce – and Ant was performing with Dec in PJ & Duncan. As they fell in love, Lisa started working behind-the-scenes, rarely being pictured on the showbiz circuit.

You can read the full story in this week's Closer magazine - out now!

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