The best board games for adults if you’ve already run out of things to talk about

Guys, liven up your convos with one of these...

adult board games

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Let's be honest, the past year has been eventful, and whilst having the freedom to see our friends and family is lovely, there's not all that much to share.

Our lives during the pandemic sitting indoors all day doing the exact same thing aren't exactly the most exciting thing to talk about.

Wake up. Shower. Work. Scroll through Instagram. Dinner. Scroll through Twitter. Look at Insta again. Bed.

Yep, very repetitive and pretty boring - not great for keeping the conversation going.

So we reckon it's time to go old school... back to board games.

adult board games
We've found some adult board games to play ©Getty Images

Yes, really.

We've had a look at the best board games for adults to keep you and your friends/ family/ roommates entertained.

It'll be way more fun to discuss and is sure to whip up some fun stories and conversation starters that don't for once involve tales of impromptu isolations.

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The best board games for adults 2021

Winning Moves Friends Trivial Pursuit Quiz Game1 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Winning Moves Friends Trivial Pursuit Quiz Game

Trivial Pursuit but with Friends? It's an absolute yes from us, tbh. There are 600 questions on the TV show, so you'll finally get to see who's the best Friends fan.Players: 2+

Mattel Games Scrabble Harry Potter Edition Family Game2 of 10
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Mattel Games Scrabble Harry Potter Edition Family Game

Okay so Scrabble might be boring but Harry Potter Scrabble? Well, that's an entirely new game. It also includes a glossary of wizarding words for anyone who needs a little help.Players: 2-4

Cards Against Humanity: UK edition3 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Cards Against Humanity: UK edition

Okay this game can be pretty controversial so make sure you play it with people who aren't too sensitive but 10/10 would recommend, especially after a drink or two...Players: 4-20+

Carpool Karaoke: The Board Game4 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Carpool Karaoke: The Board Game

So you will need to use technology for this game but it's worth it. Channel your inner James Corden and Justin Bieber with this fun game.Players: 3+

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game5 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game

Monopoly, need we say more? It's an absolute classic and it'll keep you entertained for HOURS (seriously).Players: 2-6

Would I Lie to You 2nd Edition6 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Would I Lie to You 2nd Edition

If you're a big fan of Would I Like To You? Then you need to get your hands on this board game and test how well your housemates and family really know you...Players: 2-8

Uno Card Game7 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Uno Card Game

We LOVE Uno. It's easy and simple to get the hang on for anyone who hasn't played it.Players: 2-10

Stonemaier Games STM901 Wingspan: European Expansion8 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Stonemaier Games Wingspan: European Expansion

If you have an hour of spare time then why not play this game either alone or with four other players? Absolute Radio presenter Andy Bush has described it as "a breath of fresh air".Players: 1-5

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on The Cursed Island Co-operative Board Game9 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on The Cursed Island Co-operative Board Game

This game will keep you entertained for an hour or two while you try to survive on the cursed island.Players: 1-4

Exploding Kittens10 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Exploding Kittens

This is a fab pick to play with your mates - basically a game of Russian Roulette with cats. There are multiple versions of the game available, including a NSFW deck if you want to make things more interesting...Players: 2-5

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As well as playing the board games above why not have some music in the background, eat some dinner, and have a glass of wine or two?

And if you're home alone then you can also play games with your friends over Skype or FaceTime. PLUS there are loads of gaming apps that you and friends and family can play virtually.

At least if you play board games it'll take your mind off the news and give your eyes a break from looking at your computer or phone screen.

If we've missed any fun adult board games let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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