Molly-Mae Hague reveals her go-to £19 water bottle she uses ‘every day’

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New year, new me, new water bottle. 2023 is the year of hydration, and more importantly sustainability, so what better way to kickstart your journey than buying a water bottle? Buying a reusable water bottle instead.

Trying to drink as much water as possible has become a new years resolution for many, and it's an easy commitment that won't take up too much of your time or effort. Celebs like Molly-Mae Hague have jumped on the reusable water bottle bandwagon too, in hopes of increasing their water consumption.

In a recent Youtube video uploaded to her channel, Molly-Mae showed her new reusable water bottle that she got as a Christmas present from her sister Zoe.

"I've been using it every day since Christmas Day and oh my gosh, I've been drinking so much water because of this water bottle" she said in her video.

"I do fill half of it with ice, because obviously my ice obsession is beyond a joke at the minute but, I've been loving this" she added.

So, if you're in the market for a new water bottle, you're in luck. We’ve done all the (thirsty) work for you, and have found the best water bottles on the market that will keep you hydrated. Take a look below...


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Hydracy Pink Water Bottle1 of 10

Hydracy Pink Water Bottle

The exact water bottle as loved by Molly-Mae. The perfect reusable water bottle that will help you increase your water intake this new year. It features time markers which will help you keep track of how much you drink throughout the whole day.

Cambridge CM06993 Mode Water Bottle, Borosilicate Glass2 of 10

Cambridge CM06993 Mode Water Bottle, Borosilicate Glass

Looking for a glass bottle with a bit of sophistication? The geometrical and minimalist design combined somehow gives us 90s vibes and we're living for it. For the price, it's an absolute barg.

S'well Unisex's Stainless Steel Water Bottle3 of 10

S'well Unisex's Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Any water bottle with a marble design gets a 10/10 from us. This is aesthetically everything that we're looking for, and it'll keep liquid up to 260ml in it. Want more from your bottle? You can also choose to upgrade to the larger volume of 500ml or 750ml.

Quokka Ice| Reusable water bottle4 of 10

Quokka Ice | Reusable water bottle

Practical, eco-friendly and instagrammable - that's what we're talking about. Quokka's Ice offering comes in a huge array of different designs from this gorgeous little number to navy, black and dotted options.

Stojo Collapsible Reusable Silicone Drinks Bottle5 of 10
CREDIT: John Lewis

Stojo Collapsible Reusable Silicone Drinks Bottle

It's official! We're obsessed with this collapsible water bottle. When it's empty, you can fold this down, and it'll take up less space in your bedroom. Two words - dainty and practical.

Argos Habitat Water Bottle6 of 10

Argos Habitat Water Bottle

This glass water bottle by Argos is perfect if you're looking to keep hydrated - with a touch of class. It'll look great in your bag for work and is 100% leakproof too.

Chilly's Water Bottle7 of 10

Chilly's Water Bottle

Chilly's has some of the best water bottles out there, with guaranteed leak protection. That's what we call reliable.

New Look Straw Bottle 1L8 of 10

New Look Straw Bottle 1L

This adorable bottle will look good on any nightstand, in any work bag, and on any desk... you get the picture. Comes with a straw and a grab handle for on-the-go hydration too.

Hydrte Slim Water Bottle9 of 10

Hydrte Slim Water Bottle

This has to be the perfect bottle for anyone who is a certified workaholic. Fits in any bag with no hassle. Hassle-free hydration, if you will.

Bottle Up Water Bottle10 of 10

Bottle Up Water Bottle

This water bottle was designed with the planet in mind and is made entirely from renewable plant-based plastic. It's also super stylish and chic.

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