The best Lay-Z-Spa deals to help you relax in style

Your garden just got a whole lot more luxurious.

Lay-Z-Spa savings

by Isabel Martins |

Summer is in full swing, so grab a peach tea and cosy up on a sun lounger. However- we live in Britain, so cold weather will be upon us sooner or later. And there’s almost nothing better than taking a dip in a hot tub whilst it’s cold out. Especially if you’ve been dreaming about getting your hands on the mother of all hot tubs – the Lay-Z-Spa - thanks to these amazing deals, you finally can.

If you’ve already managed to snag a Lay-Z-Spa but you need the accessories that come with it, these deals can help you out with that too. From covers to cleaning accessories, there are plenty of discounts to be found. For example, we've listed below, under the hot tubs, a ground cover so you don't have to worry about potential damage your garden flooring could do. It's the little things!

We’ve searched far and wide to round up the best Lay-Z-Spa deals, so you can relax in style. These range from smaller hot tubs to tubs that can fit a whopping five to seven people inside.

What is a Lay-Z-Spa?

They are the leading producer of hot tubs and what sets it apart from other companies is that the hot tubs can feature a water-jet system, a hydro-jet system, or in the case of its more premium models – both. Plus, those more luxurious and premium models can even come with WiFi built-in as well as Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can listen to music and play videos whilst relaxing. Dreamy AF.

The best hot tub deals on Amazon

If you don't see any savings, don't worry - there's bound to be some soon. Even when they're not on offer, we're tempted to get one of these bad boys to liven up our patios anyway.

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